Fragrance Friday: Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose

Brand: Elizabeth & James

Name: Nirvana Rose

Price: $85/50ml

Categories: Rose, aromatic

Notes: May Rose, Geranium, Vetiver

Mini review

First spray: Whew! Spicy! And green. The vetiver and geranium strongly overpower any rose that might be in there, and makes it reminiscent of a more traditionally “masculine/unisex” fragrance.* I had to double-check that I’d read the name right, since this is not what I expect when “rose” is right there in the title.

10 Minutes In: But I’m digging it! The rose is juuuuust beginning to emerge, adding a mild sweetness that tempers the edges of the other notes in a nice way. It’s still quiet, though.

30 Minutes In: I’ve definitely caught the rose, and it’s a true–and assertive–enough rose that it’s calling to mind other rose-centric perfumes like Chloe; just, y’know, less citrus-sour/floral-sweet and more spicy-green.

2+ Hours In: The florals have faded away entirely, leaving pure vetiver (sort of a dry, green, spicy grassiness in this context). It’s not unpleasant–I like vetiver just fine–but it’s not anything special, either. I miss the rose, which made it a more unique fragrance.

VERDICT: FINISHED. Would cheerfully wear again, but wouldn’t buy. If I need to, I could always layer one of my vetiver fragrances (like Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal) over something rosy.

What fragrance(s) have you been wearing lately? Like it? Love it? Despite it? Do tell!

*Both my signature and second-favorite scents are “male” fragrances, so I’m of the firm belief that assigning genders to smells is a patently ridiculous notion.