Pacifica Sea Foam Cleanser

Good Or Nah?

Yeah, yeah, the Baxter is still my all-time favorite … but who can resist trying a new cleanser? They usually have fewer Danger Ingredients that I have to avoid (I have to keep an eye out for stearic/palmitic/myristic acid, but I usually don’t have to worry about cyclomethicones or heavy oils too), they help keep me at least marginally enthused about washing my face (oh god why am I so lazy about this), and this one in particular had a CUTE PACKAGE. I mean LOOK AT IT :

Prettyyyyyyy. Anyway, I tossed this one in my last Amazon shipment — it’d been YEARS since I’d tried anything from this brand (tho they get a lot of love), the ingredients seemed pretty okay, and it was a quite-reasonable $8.99/5oz.


Some pretty good stuff, and not very much “sketchy” or worrisome stuff!

Ingredients : purified water {solubulizer}, cocomidopropyl betaine (coconut source) {cleanser}, sodium cocoyl glutamate (coconut source) {cleanser}, sodium cocoyl sulfoacetate (coconut source) {cleanser}, sodium cocoamphoacetate {cleanser}, decyl glucoside (corn source) {cleanser}, aloe barbadensis leaf juice {skin conditioning}, glycerin (vegetable) {emollient}, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate {vitamin c}, glycol stearate {emollient}, carica papaya extract {enzyme to improve skin tecture}, lemon bioflavanoids {antioxidant}, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil {skin conditioning}, cocos nucifera (coconut) water {emollient}, citric acid {PH balancing}, tocopherol acetate {skin conditioning}, panthenol {skin conditioning}, NaPCA {moisture binding}, allantoin{skin conditioning}, nori extract {thickener}, garcinia mangostana peel extract (mangosteen) {extract for skin support}, camellia sinensis leaf extract (white tea) {antioxidant}, sea algae extract {extract for skin support}, sodium benzoate {preservative}, potassium sorbate {preservative}, ethylhexylglycerin {preservative}, fragrance (all natural) {scent}.

I like that they oh-so-helpfully note what each ingredient is and/or its purpose! THANKS, PACIFICA, you saved me a lot of looking-shit-up. So this has a lot of pretty gentle (largely coconut-derived) surfactants, plus some MAP and other antioxidants, as well as some potentially beneficial extracts and suchlike (with the usual caveat that most of them would be more effective in a product that doesn’t get washed off your skin after a mere sixty seconds or so, but they certainly can’t hurt).

Also noteworthy is that this (and most, if not all, of Pacifica’s products) is cruelty-free and vegan. Nice!


Soooo, did you notice “Coconut Water” on the front label, and the numerous coconut-derived things in the ingredients list, including coconut oil, and also “natural fragrance”? Um, do you like coconut? because this stuff is COCONUT IN A HUGE WAY.

Have you ever had one of those bottled coconut-water beverages that seem to have additional coconut flavor added AND extra sweetener (usually a low-cal blend like stevia/erythritol) AND maybe a dash of tangy citric acid as a preservative? Washing your face with this stuff is an experience very much akin to drinking one of those beverages while someone pours another one over your head. Possibly while wearing a coconut-scented candy-esque Bonne Bell Lip Smacker and eating a Hostess Sno Ball. IT IS EXTREMELY COCONUTTY, is what I’m saying here. And yes, it definitely has the added-sweet/added-tang notes as well. Wow. Wow. It’s tropical as fuck.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty straightforward face-cleansing experience. The stuff itself is a clear/translucent gel, a bit thinner than I prefer but not ultra-watery.


It does! I’ve been using this for a week or so, and I feel like it’s a pretty effective cleanser…but predominantly on bare or minimally-made-up skin. It is nowhere NEAR as effective as my beloved Baxter stuff for taking off eyeliner and mascara and such, tho it seems to remove [light] face makeup pretty well. It also feels thinner on the skin, and it doesn’t lather anywhere near as well as the Baxter does either (tho as you know, lather-level isn’t always indicative of cleaning ability). It definitely doesn’t feel drying or overly aggressive on the cleansing front — after use, my face feels clean but not squeaky clean, and my skin feels fairly soft, although the cleanser doesn’t leave behind any “residue” or anything. Additionally def worth noting : despite the presence of many coconut-derived ingredients AND straight-up coconut oil, this has definitely not given me any acne/breakout problems at all. Yay!

THE VERDICT : PRETTY GOOD! I like it fairly well as a lighter cleanser when I don’t have a lot of makeup on, but a couple of times I’ve used it with a full face o’ slap, I’ve had to hit my eye area with some makeup remover and then rinse again, ugh. Also, and I am not fucking kidding around here : you better enjoy coconut scents. Like, A LOT. The fragrance, for me, is a bit too strong and a bit too sweet, so I’m not crazy about it. I don’t dislike this stuff enough to return it though — it’s fine, it’s not expensive, the package is pretty, it feels pretty nice and it’s definitely very gentle, and the smell is kinda fun for occasional use. Will it be my go-to cleanser? Definitely not. Will I repurchase? Nah, I doubt it. DO YOU NEED IT? If you want a reasonably-priced well-built very gentle cleanser, in a pretty tube, and you SERIOUSLY EFFING LOVE coconut scents of all types? Then yes, this is for you! Otherwise, skip.

TRIED IT? Got a fave from Pacifica? Tell all! <3