oVertoned & Underwhelmed? Maybe Just Whelmed

OH YAY IT’S A GUEST POST! And double yay, KellyBee is back! AND OFF WE GO : 

In the three decades I’ve spent on this spinning rock, I have done a lot to my hair. It’s been down to my waist, bob, lob, a-line, pixie, shaved. It’s been blonde, black, silver, brown, all over the red spectrum, cotton candy pink (albeit by accident), streaked with blue a la Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Leeloo orange. And now… it’s a smokey blue! Here is what I looked like after leaving the salon a few weeks ago:

I’m afraid I just blue myself.

Aaaaaaand here I am two weeks later:

Faded but feelin’ it.

Aaaaaaaaand today:

Behold, a faded sea witch before ye.

Womp womp. Fun colors fade so fast! To be fair, I definitely accelerated the timeline: even though I’ve maybe washed it 4 times since I blue myself (hee hee), I unwittingly used a clarifying conditioner multiple times and that just stripped the color faster.

On top of that, bleach makes your hair feel like straw. So as soon as I realized my mistake, I swapped it out for some deep conditioners. I stink to high heaven of coconut, but it usually solves my problems so I suffer through it. You know what Paul McCartney sings: when I find my curls in times of trouble, the curly/textured aisle of Target speaks to me? This time… the Walrus was wrong. So in addition to the deep conditioner not cutting the mustard, I smelled like a sorority house luau sponsored by Malibu Rum.

In an actually-appreciated-for-once Orwellian twist, Facebook started to advertise oVertone conditioners to me. They promised to help stretch time between salon visits, depositing fresh color and keeping your locks silky. They have daily conditioners (8oz, $17) as well as deep treatments (8oz, $28), and even sell sets (deep treatment + daily conditioner + travel size, $45). If you’re nervous about spending that kind of money, they even sell 2oz sample bottles ($8). My hair is only a couple inches long so I don’t usually like to throw down more than ten bucks on conditioner, so I ordered a couple samples to see how I liked it.

Is that a pillow with a shirtless Nicolas Cage on it in the background? I’ll only tell if you help me steal the Declaration of Independence.

They have a million colors to choose from, and each color has varying levels of intensity (pastel / vibrant / extreme). It’s a lot of choice, so I needed to think about what I wanted from this experience: I actually like the color my hair faded to a lot, but I wanted to even it out if I could, as the top was more faded than the sides & back, and the very front had next to no blue left at all. So if I could even out my hair color and get some much-needed moisture into my curls, I’d be a happy camper. So I ordered the pastel blue and silver and gave it a go!

Two blorps and a Van Gogh walk into a bar…

The conditioner is thick, beautiful in color, and bonus – it smells like mint! Instructions say that you can apply the glorp to your hair wet or dry, but that dry gives you a better color deposit. So I combed it through dry hair and let it sit for about 5 mins before washing out.

And here’s the final product:

Behold, a slightly less faded sea witch! (Cropped to hide acne scars; no apologies cropped)

Does it work? I think so! I didn’t start with platinum hair, and I put a pastel shade-depositing conditioner on it. My main hope was to even out the color; somehow that felt like a safer bet. And the front IS more even with the rest. The top is still marginally lighter but not as obvious. I tried this again, using just the blue the second time. It was slightly bluer but still pretty muted. Again… pastel. Would a more pigmented shade have worked better? Probably! I still consider this a success since I had a very easy goal to reach. Worth noting: you do need to use a lot of product to cover your hair, so it seems like even with short hair it wouldn’t take too long to use up the bottle.

So is the price tag worth it, then? Depends. Funny enough, it’s a GREAT conditioner. It made my hair way softer than the most shea buttery, coconut oily concoctions could! And I definitely preferred smelling like a schill for Colgate over someone who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. So my experience? Fine! I’ll definitely keep using the sample bottles. Then I think I’ll test cocktailing blue dye and conditioner and see how it compares. As the header says, I’m not underwhelmed… merely just whelmed.

Have you tried oVertone? Are you as annoyed by the lowercase-uppercase switch as I am?