OOTRT : August 9

The one predictable thing in my life right now : the weather will be predictably unpredictable (but always appalling), but most indoor spaces will be predictably FREEZING. Climate control is no damn joke down here. So Tuesday night, I actually wore jeans to the bar for trivia, omfg. This is the inverse (or converse? or reverse?) of my usual strategy, which is shorts/miniskirt and tee shirt plus a cardigan or jacket. If either my arms OR my legs aren’t covered in tundra-esque AC, I will become cranky and distracted and it’ll be much more difficult to win trivia. Which we did. (We were called Lord of the Ringworm this week.) (PRECIOUS, right?) (Hur hur.)

Yeah same old fave jeans from Genetic, I am so boring but I MISSED THESE, IT HAD BEEN MONNNNTHS. Shoes I got last year from … I can’t remember where (probably Gilt or some shit) and they’re by Ash, and they run kinda small and they’re a teeny bit too narrow for me but they have sequins AND spikes, so. (On the whole, I feel like this brand has GREAT style, but in my limited experience the construction/quality isn’t quiiiiite where it should be for their price point? But they’re acceptable when on sale.) The shirt is actually kinda great, despite having a weird dropped waist (with belt loops and a same-fabric tie belt thing, which I have of course ditched because NOPE) and an almost skirt-like bottom section with a couple of pleats? The whole thing is like a cross between a mini shirtdress and some kind of tunic/smock affair, and it’s a little weird which is why I’ve worn it literally twice even though I’ve had it for ALMOST FIFTEEN YEARS. (Funny how being “forced” to rearrange/clear out your closet bc someone is moving in with you makes you rediscover all kinds of old shit that’s actually pretty good?)

Also yes, I left the house with straight hair. CRAZY, WTF, WHO EVEN AM I.

It’s so gross here omg, what’re you wearingggggg. (And have you found any nifty ancient stuff in your stash lately?)