OOTRT : August 23

FALL, WHERE YOU AT? I’m over here with my mulberry hair and my teal sweaterish thing lookin’ like a damn Autumn 1988 Spiegel catalog reject and I’m GETTING DESPERATE.

Shorts are my usual Pilcro chino ones from Anthropologie (and NO, those jerks didn’t ever bring them back this summer, boooooo); shoes are those French Sole “Sloop” flats that everyone was raving about a few years back so I bandwagoned the shit out of those things and … tbh, I don’t love them? Yeah, they’re kiiiinda wider than most ballet flats, and I do like the more rounded-rectangle shape (a nice switch from the usual very tapered/pointyish toe), BUT, that much-straighter/less-rounded opening at the vamp means you’ve got a straight-across seam there. With stitching. Which means (combined with patent leather which is plastic-coated and less pliable than “regular” leather or suede) there’s zero possibility for stretching there. Which means they’re fine for twenty minutes and then they’re pinchy as HELL and after a few hours you end up with that lovely red indentation across the top of your foot. :(

TL;DR : if you want a less-teensy/less-narrow ballet flat, and you have wideish feet, do not get patent French Sole Sloops.

I have no idea where the top is from because I cut out both the tag (itchy) and the whole weird floppy split cowl neck thing it had goin’ on. But I love it bc it’s sweaterlike without being an ACTUAL sweater, and also bc it’s teal and black marled. Or space-dyed. Or whatever.

Oh god it’s so effing hottttttt stillllll (but at least it’s not effing storming today). SIGH. On the plus side, I wore this to trivia Tuesday and WE WON (again) and our name was Dismembers Only which is pretty amusing but by no means our best moniker eva.

WHAT’RE YOU WEARING, and are you having a heat stroke. <3