OOTRT : August 2

This week’s outfit is an ill-advised methodology for basically shouting “HURRY UP FALL.” Do you do this? Does your desperate desire for colder weather make you wear seasonally inappropriate things, like this will somehow remind autumn that it should, you know, GET HERE ALREADY? I am so, so bad about this. :( And if there’s an actual name for this psychological phenomenon / logical fallacy / whatever it is, pls tell me because applicable.

Why is it ill-advised, you ask? (Or maybe you don’t ask, but I’m telling you anyway — think of it as a PSA.) Because that cute grey top with the interesting seaming and shirring and whatever? IT IS WOOL. IT IS BASICALLY A SWEATER. I wore it over a tank and it still made me both hot and itchy all night and I’m 95% sure this is why we came in THIRD at bar trivia last week.

Okay about that : actually we tied for third, which is even WORSE, and when that happens the tying teams each send one member to the announcer’s table thing, get a question, and have to *say* the answer quickest (instead of writing it, as per usual). The subject was like “text message abbreviations” and I spat out “AS FAR AS I KNOW” before the host was even finished reading out three of the five letters of the acronym. Host : “That was … surgical.” Competing team member : “Wait, what just happened?” You got wrecked, bro, that’s what happened. But I shouldn’t preen too much, because I forgot the name of A Million Little Pieces, which in my defense is forgivable because it’s A) a g-d Oprah Book Club [spits] selection and B) LIES, which is why it was a trivia question in the first place. But still, I shoulda gotten that one. 

Anyway. This sweater-top thing sucks. I think it came from Yoox? The shoes are from GlitterPink and also came from Yoox, and they used to have a TON of this brand on the site but now, nada. WEIRD.

Anyway, they’re worth looking at if/when they turn up again (their own site is basically unnavigable for me, as it’s Flash-based, in Italian, and with seemingly no link for actually shopping?). Whatever, they’ve got cute shit and they’re pretty well made, so keep an eye out. These ones are gunmetal glitter with black patent leather wing-tip detailing and grosgrain trim and little satin cord ties and I LOVE THEM. (The little grey fabric pouch things are these here charcoal-filled anti-odor/anti-mold-and-mildew things, and I quite like them for shoes! Especially for *nice* shoes that I tend to wear without socks. I feel like a lot of the negative reviews are from people using these tiny damn things tryna deodorize an entire closet or room, or absorb the smells from active smoking and … yeah, nah. But they seem pretty good for footwear maintenance?)

WHAT’RE YOU WEARING. Are you also trying to bring on the advent of a season by wearing clothing appropriate to that season? Please tell me I’m not alone.