LOTRT : August 6

HI THERE MONDAY, WE HATE YOU. Not really, but I feel that’s kind of obligatory. Anyway, today’s looks is about a couple of things but before we look at the things let’s look at the look :


1)  It’s about me trying to make friends with pinkish eyeshadows yet again? I’m really feeling a whole kind of semi-monochrome thing at the EXACT POINT my hair is the most colorful it’s been in basically ever, BUUUUUUT if I put it in a ponytail or whatever, only the front pinky parts show and the blue/violet middle and ends = hidden oh I am so sneaky.

2) Why I always gotta be wearin’ so much eyeliner? Why do I feel like I need to elongate my eye area so much? What if instead of tryna make my eyes look wider, I tried to make them look rounder?


Okay I knew I was gonna be using just a couple matte shadows, and also that both of them were not superduper punchy. So instead of normal primer, I scribbled all over my lids and crease with Ye* Olde White Crayon (NYX Milk) and patted it out to semisheer.

*Yeah I know nothing was ever called “ye” in Old/Middle English, this is a misconstrued artifact of old typography (olde typografye?) which had a character called a thorn (Þ) which was often used in place of “th” but “ye” sounds funny so whatever. 

So first I hit my browbone and slightly downward with a nude-for-me matte (ColourPop Full Zip), and then the not-super-opaque matte mauve AOA Studio M17 in crease and blended up, and also on the upper part of the lid.

Then I used the kinda-shitty plummy mauve matte from that e.l.f. x Christian Siriano eye palette, which honestly it is NOT a great shadow at all but the rest of the palette is fairly legit, and I use the two lightest shimmer neutrals VERY frequently, so.

That ended up being WAY brighter more purple than I wanted, so I went back over it a little with more of the mauve matte. Better! You can just barely see a hint of purple-r color on the lower lid.

I DID use eyeliner — the Tarte Sex Kitten stylo — but only to fill in the gaps between my upper lashes, and then a very small line on the center of my upper lashline that tapered out to each side. Above it/over it, I used a tiny shader brush and smudged on a little matte black powder shadow.

Lower lids = the same matte mauve AOA, a teeny bit of black matte blended into the outer-middle of the lashline, and that’s it!

I actually kinda like this! I’d like it better if my hair weren’t still blue-violet on the bottom, and also if my foundation was, like, normal (I was not into doing Full Base so I just haphazardly smeared on some powder foundation and said screw it). Anyway, I skipped blush, went with some highlighter instead (nude matte shadow swept around temples, topped with a pinky-silvery highlighter) and then RUINED THE MONOCHROME by adding a quasi-vampy lipstick (YSL Rouge Pur Couture Le Mats in Grenat Satisfaction, which I still love). Also, please enjoy this semi-ridiculous photo which includes a very-ridiculous ombre scarf thing that belonged to my grandmother :

WHAT’RE YOU WEARIN’? Anything you’ve been making a conscious effort to do ~differently~ lately? <3