LOTRT : August 20

WHAT’S UP yes I’m still alive but BARELY. Holy hell I’m tiiiiiiired — moved like 90% of the bf’s stuff in over the weekend, dragged furniture around, rearranged, sorted ‘n’ stored, and I feel like somebody threw me down a flight of stairs. On the plus side, the house is no longer in complete and utter chaos (just partial chaos); in the minus column, I’m too shot to do genuinely interesting makeup so you get this instead :


It’s 100% rando shiz, with bonus points for laziness-induced step-skipping and extra bonus points for “holy shit that is ANCIENT.”

On browbone, a light-nude-for-you matte powder shadow; I used ColourPop Full Zip.

Above crease and blended upwards, a sort of vicuna brown with violet shimmer — this again is Looxi in Savage.

The step I skipped : YA DON’T NEED LINER IF YOU JUST PAINT UR WHOLE DAMN EYELID BLACK. Which is what I did, with the Starry Prism black cream shadow from ShopMissA omg I love it so much.

For extra “interest,” I left a blank space between the hard upper edge of the black and  the hard lower edge of the violet, and cleaned it up / intensified it a little by filling in with more of the nude-matte on a soft angle brush.

Foundation is called “ha ha nope I just smeared on some powder foundation because tiiiiiiiired.” Blush is a very little bit of my usual nudeish-pinkish Tarte “Exposed.” AND THEN. I went over my whole face wiiiiiiiiith :

Carole Jackson Iridescent Powder in gold, and no y’all can’t buy it anywhere because it was MY GRANDMOTHER’S which she gave to me literally IN THE LATE 80s and I’ve been hauling it around ever since? IT’S ACTUALLY KINDA GOOD. SORRY.

Incidentally, Carole Jackson was one of those 80s ladies who did “your colors” i.e. What Season Are You OK Here Are The Shades You Should Wear. This was fascinating to me at the time, and honestly it still kinda holds true for me? (I guess I’m a Winter, with a bit of Summer mixed in?) If you’re not good at figuring out what colors you should wear, but want to be more adventurous (without putting on wildly unflattering shit) it’s legit helpful. But of course, I get more enjoyment out of trying to wear WRONG colors, so.

Anyway, I also slapped on a Lunatick Labs lipstick in Lacrimosa which is not really great on me BUT it’s built in kinda the same way as the eyeshadow so I was curious as to how they’d do together. Also my other (cream) Lunatick (in Cinderhella, a deep rosy hot pink) is perfectly fine, but this one has gone kinda hard and smells slightly … off? :(  SADNESS. But not all that much sadness, bc see “not really great on me” above.

IDK what the aitch my hand is doing there but every damn other photo I took was terrible so here’s this weird-ass pose. Enjoy.

HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND? What’re you doing tonight? I’m going to bed EAAAAARLY. (And we have trivia tomorrow, so I gotta rest up.)