LOTRT : August 13

Have I mentioned how much I’m loathing this weather? Because I’m loathing it a lottttt. As such, this week’s recent ~look~ is basically an ANTI-LOOK because why’m I doin’ all this stupid face-paint anyway if it’s just gonna melt off? So we went to the new barbecue place for lunch yesterday and I was like …


Mascara. No brow fill, I’ll just end up wiping it off. Sunscreen. A smear of foundation because oh screw it, might as well. [Colored] setting powder around my eyes, at an attempt to stop sweat/oil-induced creasing (lol nice try loser) but also to help cover the discoloration and shit — I feel like my lower lids always look kinda pinkish, and my upper lids have some red/purple splotchiness going on near the lash line, due largely to bimatoprost use (WORTH IT THO).

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. I did actually put on some blush — Tarte Exposed, which I decided was too brown today, so I topped it with a little NARS Mata Hari, because whatever blush you pick will seem like the perfect selection until you actually put it on your face, at which point it turns into A Bad Idea, This Is All Wrong. I also managed to muster the energy/enthusiasm to do highlighter, but only because it was the Kjaer Weis one which is just such a pleasure to use.

AND THEN, I “compensated” for my semi-bare-faced laziness by pulling out the most punchy-yet-wearable lipstick in my stash : Old Faithful, aka Vasanti Gel Matte in “Drunk In Love” and ugh it’s so good and I probably should buy a backup of that stuff.

THE OTHER component to this “look,” such as it is, is the current extremely faded dye job :

Which is getting root-bleached and recolored tonight or tomorrow, woo! “OH WHAT COLOR THO?” I don’t know! I’ll mix up some random thing from whatever’s in my stash! It’ll be a surprise for everyone, including me!

I hope you’re all surviving this Horrible No-Good Bullshit Month. Are you actually even bothering with makeup? I swear to god I could feel my skin *bubbling* yesterday. :(