HOLY CRAP LONGEST WEEK EVER. The bf’s stuff is like 95% moved in, and we’re cumulatively appx 80% organized. I think? I’ve lost all perspective (it’s probably somewhere amidst ALL THESE BOXES). But, the pantry is navigable so I can find my pita chips and the coffee, and that’s the most important thing.

WOW that’s horrible. Sorry if I traumatized anybody, here’s some nice shells (sans cheese):

IN SALAD NEWS, there is no salad. Fuck a bunch of leaves, man. I’m exhausted and I just want to eat pita chips dry, straight out the damn bag, and then maybe a grape. Okay fine, I DID make a pretty darn fine sandwich the other night :

Do you have a panini press? Or something that can serve as such? If not, you should aquire one. This little beastie above is mozzarella, grilled chicken breast, fresh spinach, and turkey pepperoni on HOMEMADE BREAD (made by the bf’s dad, not by me) which was coated on the inner sides with full-fat plain greek yogurt for creaminess and tang, and on the outer sides with butter (ok fake butter) and a pinch of salt for a glorious crusty crunch. I mean, this was a hell of a sandwich, alright?

IN NON-FOOD NEWS, the current dye job is doing a cool fade, and also a much more sloooooow fade than last time (likely due to me accidentally using a way-more-saturated-than-intended mix) :

It’s VERY pink? And I’m kinda okay with that. Also, this hilariously scraggly look is what happens when I take a shower at night, smash it up into a scrunchie and then …. completely forget about it and sleep with it in a wet gob. :| Good thing all I’m doing today is work @ home?

I’M WIPED AND THAT’S ALL I GOT. What’s yer weekend like? We’re gonna watch Infinity War which UNBELIEVABLY I have actually not seen yet, and also there might be a Stiegl Radler bc why not? <3