Holy CRAP it’s been a BUSY WEEK and I am ready to be OFF DUTY. But … that’s not happening quite yet. In addition to The Usual Work Stuff, I’m also still rearranging shit in the house and helping the boifran sort/unpack his stuff as he does a slow ‘n’ gradual move-in. And also, his [very conservative, in their late 70s] parents are in town for a few days, and we’re all going out for a cocktail tonight, and yes I AM MEETING THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME.

“Oh but what’re you going to wear?”


Maybe y’all can help me pick something out…

Satin leopard halter dress? Obnoxious neon floral dress I made when I was like 19?

OR PERHAPS something more sporty, with camo jeans and a see-through safety orange mesh top and lime green haircalf pumps?

Or maybe that’s too serious, and I’d be better off going with the cheerleader + lace garter skirt and fishnets? I have any number of skull / Star Wars / rock band tees that’d be great with this.

Or I mean, I just HAPPEN to have blue satin pantaloon-shorts that basically match the dolman-sleeve blue sequin top. WHAT SAY YOU? Suggestions welcome. But no I don’t actually own any latex “clubwear.”

IN SALAD NEWS, I recently (I can’t even remember when, this whole week has been a blur) made this, which was pretty badass :

Boring ol’ romaine and rotisserie chicken (have I mentioned it’s been really busy lately?) BUT ALSO pan-seared artichoke hearts, and roasted red bell peppers and roma tomatoes, plus fine-grated asiago and a lemon-dijon dressing and WOO. It’s quite tangy and savory, vaguely “Italian,” and omg just so good. Idk, I just love tomatoes that’ve been cooked until they start to lose their structural integrity?

IN NON-FOOD NEWS, last night I dreamed I went to a concert and Beyonce and Blondie were touring/playing together under the moniker “BEYONDIE” and I really want that to be A Real Thing.

IN ANNOYANCE NEWS, I need to find my 9-volt batteries so I can put my Scat Mat on the kitchen counter to keep THIS EFFING CAT off of it. I mean I like you, cat. I do. But you shit in a box and walk in gross litter and I do not want that WHERE I PUT FOOD. Also, why your feet gotta be touching my feet? I am tryna work, get off me.

THAT’S ALL I GOT. Except a headache. What’s your weekend lookin’ like?? <3