WEEKENNNNNND and we deserve it. Or at least I feel like I do, because I had a reasonably productive week. Did I do every single task I had on my list? Omg that’s hilarious, of course not. But I DID clean out the cabinet under the kitchen sink, and mostly finished cleaning out my closet …

Emptyyyy spaaaaaaaace <3

and I cleaned out the cabinets under the bathroom sinks too, HOLY COW. There was, needless to say, a lot of stuff tossed. I swear to god I’m really not bad about hoarding useless shit (tho as discussed, I do hoard potentially-useful shit like good reusable empty product containers), but do I honestly need three “backup” vent brushes that I don’t actually like? Or some annoying skirt hangers that just piss me off and get tangled with each other yet fail to actually hang onto my skirts? NOPE, GOODBYE TRASH.

I kinda gave myself a pass on keeping some unneeded shit for a long time, because I had space and it wasn’t really in the way? But when another human — who has their own shit –is moving in with you? Yeah, it’s time to be ruthless in one’s purge. [I’m probably one of the few people on earth who, when they think/type/say “the purge,” they do not think of the movie of the same name, but of Olivia Wilde saying that line in TRON:Legacy. #nerdcred] [Now I want to watch TRON:Legacy again. But I’m busy so I’ll compromise and just listen to the soundtrack instead. It’s a fucking great soundtrack.]

IN FOOD NEWS, I made this salad the other night, which was kinda boring but really rather nice :

The usual default selections : romaine and rotisserie chicken, yawn. Roma tomato and red bell pepper are a bit more interesting, and sliced chilled beets and avocado even more so. Also, this was the avocado I used and man I know how he’s feeling :

I can’t decide whether to call him Gravocado (pronounced as in French “accent grave”) or the Fruit of Dismay.

IN OTHER FOOD NEWS, I made this frankly astounding sandwich out of chicken apple sausage, pink lady apple, arugula, asiago cheese, and dijon mustard on toasted Dave’s Killer Bread “Good Seed” which is the best prepackaged bread available on this here planet and you should totally try this sometime :

IN AUTUMNAL NEWS, it is still not fucking autumn, but these dead branches I saw in the middle of our neighborhood’s boulevard LOOK like fucking autumn and thus made me simultaneously delighted and annoyed :

And now I’m DYING to wear a sweater and have a bonfire. :(

YOUR PLANS. WHAT ARE THEY. We’re gonna try the new pizza joint, which will probably not be as good as our homemade shit but it is next door to the new Obscenely Overdone Milkshake joint, so. Also I’m gonna drink because it might make me less pissed off about the weather. (It probably won’t.)