Do you need some hilarity rn? I am firmly convinced that future cultural anthropologists will recognize neural net bots as the greatest comedy writers of our epoch. I’m sure you’ve already seen the one that tackled paint colors and recipes, right? This one was tasked with generating a list of potential sound effects based on the BBC’s extant effects library, and the results are … well, both “typical” and “fucking amazing.” I can’t decided whether my fave is “Berwick Steel door. Electric mudding axe, with some birdsong” or “Sheep, exterior.”

Are we going to talk about the whole “Omg Rihanna is Bringing Back Skinny Brows Nooooo” mini-pandemonium thing that’s been happening?

I’m down with this. Actually I’m mainly down with seeing a greater variety in brow size and shape, because shit is boring when everyone looks exactly the same, you know? Also because my brows suck and even if Ultra Big Strong Really Full ones looked good on my face (and hooooo boy they do not), that would just take WAY too much work. In a curious coincidence, I actually thinned my own brows down a little bit earlier this week — no, nowhere THAT thin, and also mine are so sad ‘n’ scanty that literally pulling three hairs out of each side makes a noticeable difference. Also, hey let’s have a little Friday flashback to appx 2005ish?

Man remember when it was actually worth having a separate digital camera — and charging the effing thing, and dealing with the stupid little micro SD cards, and going through some bullshit proprietary software to transfer pics to your computer ugh — instead of using the shitty one in your phone? Anyway, WOW THIN BROWS, COLLIER. Pls also note the auburn-red hair which is probably some flavor of L’Oreal, and yes the shirt does say “KHAAAAAAAAN!” and yes I still have it.

Also wow that’s a shitty camera.

IN SALAD NEWS, I made this, which was super suuuuper good :

Spinach and arugula, rotisserie chicken [yawwwwn], BUT ALSO avocado, sliced D’Anjou pear, a load of fresh basil, and slivers of asiago cheese. IT. WAS. FABULOUS. Srsly, I cannot even convey how pleasing this combo is, dooooo iiiiiiit.

IN OTHER FOOD NEWS, Mycologie has a PERFECT SUMMER RECIPE for us! And it even looks pretty easy! CHECK IT :

Strawberry, Lime and Black Pepper Popsicles

Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, limes, black pepper

Let’s have some dessert! This recipe is adapted from Smitten Kitchen and I really love the flavor combo.

Get a thing of strawberries, I used one 16-ounce container. Slice them up and mix them with….an amount of white sugar. How much? It depends on how sweet you want your finished product and how sweet your strawberries are, so you’ll have to taste and use your judgment. I use a little less than ¼ of a cup and my pops are on the sweet side, but you could use more or less and be fine. They DO need at least a little sugar to macerate and really reach their flavor potential. Let the strawberries macerate for about 20 minutes.

Zest and juice your limes and add that to your strawberries. I really like the lime flavor to come through clearly, so I use one and a half limes. Puree it in your blender to a pretty smooth consistency but I do leave in a few small lumps.

Coarsely grind in a bunch of black pepper. Again I don’t have an exact amount, and how much you want will vary by taste. You’ll need at least a tablespoon to get any pepper flavor at all. I really like the slightly floral spicy aftertaste, so I do several tablespoons. Remember that when you freeze these, the flavors will become muted so you’re looking for VERY punchy flavors here.

Fill your popsicle molds and freeze the pops for about 6 hours.

If you don’t have popsicle molds and don’t want to buy them, you still have a couple of options. You can make little pops in ice cube trays or you can make a granita by freezing the strawberry mix on a baking dish or any flat tray and scraping it with a fork every 20 minutes or so to make a flaky texture.

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YES PLEASE, oh my god strawberries and pepper! I might have to try this with cherries and basil…

YOUR WEEKEND. WHAT IS IT. Mine is boring as hell : some cleaning, some crafty crap probably, further adventures in “why even do I have this, let’s get rid of it.” But right now, it’s about time for a Stiegl Radler grapefruit and pizza-ordering because I’m lazy and screw it. <3