2Torial : Jelly Sammich Gradient Nails


Okay FIRST : yes I was absent yesterday. PROFOUNDEST APOLOGIES. Holy crap this whole week has just been bananas : moving in bf’s stuff, shuffling around bf’s stuff, trying to get his office space set up (in Chuck’s room — I’m not certain this will end well?), and doing a SERIOUS hard clean on his old apartment in hopes of getting it rented fast enough that he doesn’t have to keep paying for the damn thing. And man we were going so ~woosh~ yesterday that I didn’t even think about the blog until like … 8:30pm, while I was frantically putting on actual clean clothes to go to bar trivia. :(

ANYWAY. Here’s the nails I did the other day, because it’d been a while since I’d done a “jelly sammich” type manicure. This one has the added fanciness of a gradient base color, oooooo. LET’S DO IT.


* A mid-toned (not too dark) solid cream color polish that’s pretty opaque in two coats.

* A fairly dense sparkle-bomb polish with a clear base, preferably with a whole lot of small glitter/shimmer bits rather than a scattering of big ones. Or possibly two different ones!

* A cheap-ass sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicator — I find the ones that use dense latex rather than the “traditional” airy super-porous sponge material yield a smoother gradient.

* Top coats!


First, your base coat(s) as per usual. I did my typical three layers of Nailtiques 2. THEN, get your solid color polish and your eyeshadow applicator and get busy. You don’t even need to pour polish onto a plate or anything — I just dab a little bit onto the applicator with the polish brush.

HOT (or at least lukewarm) TIP : It’s kinda easier to get a nice smooth gradient fade if you blop the polish a little bit AWAY from the edge of the applicator. Start at the edge of your nail and work toward the center;  you should cover about half to two thirds of your nails, depending on your preferences and how long they are / how much space you’ve got to work with. It’s okay if it’s pretty sheer at first! Just concentrate on getting a smoothish transition.

Let that dry and do a second coat in the same way, but stopping a third or halfway down the length. You just want to make sure you build up the color toward the ends so that your tips are opaque.

NOW, GLITTER TIME. Do a coat of sheer-sparkle stuff, ooooo.

I loved this but I’d also recently pulled an old China Glaze polish (“Make a Spectacle,” which I think was from the Hunger Games-inspired collection?) out of my cabinet and so HEY, let’s double this shit up : 

Usually when I layer sparkly things, I put whichever one has the biggest glitters on bottom, and the one with the smaller shimmers on top — except the glitters in the China Glaze, while rather large, are also totally translucent (opalescent), so I figured that one would be best on top.

Then top coat(s) — I did my usual GlassyAF plus Seche Vite — and DONE. Pics don’t do this one justice, y’all. It has SO MUCH going on and it’s just blazingly fabulous in person, omg.

And now I’m gonna go do a bunch more cleaning and furniture moving and shelving assembly and probably ruin it. :(  HEY WHAT’S ON YER NAILS? <3