OOTRT : July 26

Okay this week’s outfit is many things : 1) ollllld omg it’s from over a month ago when my hair was still blurple and I guess I forgot to use it? 2) it’s also kind of boring SORRY BUT IT’S BEEN SO HOT that it’s just hard to care about wearing something ~fascinating~ so I just threw on one of the multitudinous Star Wars tees in the collection (this one says “hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid” with the words in the shape of Solo’s blaster pistol and I LOVE IT) annnnnd …

3) it’s also great evidence that Boden occasionally has really cute miniskirts. This one I’ve had for quite a while, and it’s a raw-edged appliqué rendition of the Union Jack in khaki / ivory / taupe and I LOVE IT even tho it has no pocketses (boooo) and isn’t stretchy (double boooo). Anyway, their current crop doesn’t have anything that really blows my skirt up (BOOOO LOL), but there’s some cute-as-hell stuff in the clearance section! Omg I want this one. And possibly this one?

TRIVIA TIME : Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the UK flag is only properly called the Union Jack in maritime applications, because that is bullshit. Also, the current flag was formally adopted in 1801, tho a similar version had been in use since 1606, upon the “regal union” of England and Scotland (England’s flag is the cross of St George, aka a red cross on a white ground; Scotland’s flag is the saltire of St Andrew, aka a white saltire on a blue ground; Ireland was not individually represented in the 17th century version, but the current version’s diagonal red bars represent the saltire of St Patrick, aka a red saltire on a white ground; Wales still isn’t individually represented in the current flag, as it has been considered “part of England” since the invasion of 1282).

Yeah, I like flags a lot. Cambodia and Sri Lanka are my favorites.

Also, now I really want dark dusky blurple hair again, please talk me out of it THX.