OOTRT : July 19

This week’s ensemble is “oh hey look at this shit that’s been lurking unworn in my closet for aaaaaaages.”

Pleated fake silk skirt with grosgrain trim which renders it unhemmable and necessitates an awkward waist roll is from Gap; fake Converse with spikes that render them EXTRA RAD from Primadonna via Yoox; top is one of my few Great Finds from White Market Black House. Black Market White Hacienda? Whatever that place is called and I love its side ruching and [barely-visible] front ruffle placket and sheer gathered sleeves.

This seemed like a pretty good outfit for Trivia Night at the bar, bc the top would show neither accidental pen swipes nor Barbarossa spills. BUT NOW I’m motivated to figure out a good way to shorten this skirt from the top — maybe remove the zipper entirely, masking-tape the pleats down flat and chop some of the waist area off and stitch it down to a wide loose elastic? DILEMMA. <3

What’s that place called? It’s one of the few Mall Type Chain Stores that I actually usually find something pretty good at, on the rare occasion I go in one.