OOTRT : July 12

IT’S HOT AS FUCK, let’s wear something summery! Made of fabric that feels weirdly like a thick swimsuit!

This is a Jude Connally minidress which, miraculously, actually is a minidress on me. (Without any hemming! Holy crap!) I found it in a local shop, but the line is also available on their own website and a bunch of it is on Amazon too. “Holly” is the style name of this short tunic-cut dress with a wide contrasting border and slits/splits at the hem, on the three-quarter sleeves, and at the [rather gracefully cut and not-too-snug] neckline — the “Megan” dress is the same, sans white border, and they’ve also got sleeveless variants (as well as a bunch of other styles and tops and pants and so forth, of course).

It’s made from the type of hefty nylon/spandex knit that’s very dense and feels unusually smooth and almost slick, if you know what I mean? (Thus my “thick swimsuit” descriptor.) It kinda weirded me out at first, tbh, but once I got used to it I appreciated how much more “forgiving” this heavier-than-usual-for-a-stretchy-dress fabric is — it feels substantial, has a nicer drape, and is much less likely to highlight lumps and ridges, like the texture of your bra or the seams of your underwear (I HATE THAT SO MUCH). Anyway, RECOMMENDED if you’re in the market for a cute retro-mod summery dress! Or whatever! I got a large even though I could technically wear a medium (for reference, I’m uuuusually a 12, sometimes a 10), because its relatively straight cut and lack of darts or princess seams etc means I’m MUCH better off letting it hang ‘n’ drape — a medium gets me that “fits in the waist, tiiiiight across the shoulders and chest” result (I HATE THAT SO MUCH).

The shoes are basic as hell, and are the result of one of those times you go “omg shit, I need some _____ for this one outfit ASAP” for an event or whatever, so you order a few random things from Zappos and keep the ones that you hate the least or that seem the least uncomfortable? These little patent Anne Klein goobers with a teensy 1″ kitten heel and a flexible rubber sole were the ones I semi-grudgingly settled on, and y’all, I have worn them SO DAMN MUCH over the last MANY YEARS. Sometimes you get lucky! (Usually not, tho.)

SLICK SWIMSUITY DRESSES : yea or nay? Got anything you bought as a semi-emergency that ended up being a go-to? <3