Matte, Metallic, FUN.

OH LOOK, it’s swatches of EVEN MORE liquid lipsticks from AOA Studio! Yep, same as the last batch, these are all appx .1oz (about the same size as ColourPop liquid lipsticks, in very similar packaging) and they’re all ONE DOLLAH. Feel like experimenting with ~weird~ or atypical-for-you shades? Want a couple of easy basics to toss in your bag/office/car and not have to worry about losing or breaking something ‘spensive? These fit the bill! <3

AOA Studio matte liquid lipstick in "Extra"

^^ EXTRA ^^ is a classic liquid matte in what’s basically my perfect MLBB shade. It reads neutral rosy-brown on me, not too cool, not too warm. This has become my absolute go-to “nude” shade for when I want my lips a little darker than their natural color, but still suuuuuper low key. For reference, here it is (the long top squiggle) compared to four other nude-ish shades :

AOA Extra on top; below (left to right) are ColourPop Ultra Matte “Wild Nothing,” ColourPop Ultra Blotted “Zuma,” Tarte Tarteist Quick-Dry Lip Paint in “Festival,” and Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in “Rhubarb.” As you can see, it’s somewhere between Festival and Rhubarb: Extra is warmer and slightly darker than Festival (which reads almost pastel pinky-mauve on me), and a little lighter/cooler and less saturated than Rhubarb (which reads as a classic “rosewood” shade on me) but not so desaturated that it reads like one of those taupe/greige Corpse-Mouth shades that I love on other people but loathe on my own skintone.

AOA Studio matte liquid lipstick in "Echo"

^^ ECHO ^^ is the most perfect blinding magenta imaginable, omg I love this one so much. Like all the AOA matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, the formula is thinner and more watery than CP’s norm. That means they feel a little more comfortable (to me), they’re less likely to smear or smudge (I’ve got a few CP mattes that I can easily rub streaks onto my face with if I’m not careful — that never happens with these), and easier to touch up without making lumps or chunks. OTOH, the thinner formula also means that super strong or dark shades might need a second quick coat to get fully opaque and even. I never notice any streaks or unevenness from a “normal viewing distance” and you can barely even see any here. And again, the thinner formula (which does not lift up prior layers when additional coats are applied) makes fixes and touchups a little easier.

AOA Studio metallic matte liquid lipstick in "Cosmo"

^^ COSMO ^^ is a pretty boss neutralish metallic matte. Some of the metallic ones I’ve tried so far don’t feel like a true chalky dry matte finish. They seem to retain a tiiiiny bit of tack most of the time, resulting in a feel somewhere between “typical liquid matte” and somethin’ like a YSL Glossy Stain. A little bit of grab, but not a sticky feeling, and they seem more hydrating/less dry? I dig it. This shade is a really nicely-balanced pinky-brown, and what I was hoping for when I ordered “Moon,” which ended up being really too light for me and just looks like a frosty 2003 Chanel gloss. :|

AOA Studio metallic matte liquid lipstick in "Bella"

^^ BELLA ^^ is the only lippie in my stash that’s more blinding than Echo. If I were naming its base color Crayola-style, it’d probably be like “Nuclear Strawberry” — but it’s got a lovely cooler-toned pink-violet metallic sheen and it’s just RIDICULOUS. This one isn’t as “whoa, metallic” sparkly as Cosmo, but holy crap it’s fun. AND SO SUMMERY.

AOA Studio metallic matte liquid lipstick in "Unicorn"

^^ UNICORN ^^ is a deep grape-juice base shade with a much cooler purple metallic sheen. It is over-the-top ridiculous and honestly I super duper love it. This one applies surprisingly smoothly and evenly for such a darkish shade, but you might want to add a second coat to get it closer to opaque tube color.


In warmer (top) and cooler (bottom) lighting — left to right, Extra, Echo, Cosmo, Bella, Unicorn.


Well I mean duh. All of these, matte and matte-metallic, apply easily and wear REALLY WELL. They’re actually slightly easier for me to get a super neat lipline with — compared to ColourPop and some of my other liquid mattes (Tarte, BarryM, ModelsOwn, etc). The doe-foot applicators are about the same size, but the type of fuzz on AOA’s wand yields a much crisper line with less futzing around. By like, A LOT. Also of note, all of these have a Vaguely Fruity scent, which isn’t really noticeable after they dry down. Also, they’re all A DOLLAR. For real, go get some. <3

TRIED ‘EM? Love or nah? Got a favorite [that I don’t yet own, pls enable my bad shopping habits]? <3