LOTRT : July 9

Oh, summer, why you gotta make me sweat off (or grease off) all my meticulously-applied face paint within an hour of application? On the other hand, shitty weather makes me more inclined to experiment with ~minimalist~ looks that suit the season, wear reasonably well, AND aren’t bloody boring. Here’s one :


Dude, it is just one thing. Well, one thing on upper lids, anyway. Remember the Starry Prism cream shadows I got from ShopMissA for A DOLLAR? This is the silver one, applied deliberately sheerly all over lids and blended up past crease. No base, no primer, and it still wore like whooooaaaaa. I like how the shimmer disperses on this — from some angles, it’s almost more like a veil of glimmery pearl than a “silver metallic,” but other times it looks like a wash of superfine silvery glitter and I’m INTO IT.

NO LINER. I’m gonna be outside and it’s going to break down at the corners no matter what, so.

Mascara! Dinoplatz, I can always count on you, even in the boiling hell of a gulf south summer.

Under eye is where the definition happens, because that’s the only area I can count on *not* creasing and smudging into a disaster. This is a long swath of one of my usual matte taupes (the Givenchy Ombre Couture in Taupe Velours), augmented with a tiny bit of matte black powder shadow close to the lash line and pulled out a bit on top of the underwing to darken it a little.

The rest of my makeup was pretty low-key with this, not because I didn’t want it to fight with gaudy eye makeup (for once), but because of “gonna sweat it off anyway.” Just my standard nude-ish blush (Tarte Exposed) and a sheer rosy-brown lipgloss (Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer / Maxi Shine in Brun Buzz).

Did I bother with highlighter? I did not. Did I contour? Hale nawp. (But then I never actually do.) Did I have trouble with this makeup over the course of the night? NO AND THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT. I just slapped on more lip gloss when necessary and 100% failed to give a crap about the rest of it … but at the end of the evening, the eyemakeup was still just about fully intact. YEAH! That dumb one-dollar silvery cream shadow is now my ultra favorite easy-peasy go-to. And yes, the hair is fading into all kinds of weird pastels and I kinda dig it?

YOUR MAKEUP. WHAT IS IT. Got a fave high-impact low-maintenance product / look?