LOTRT : July 30

Woo/Ugh Monday, depending on your mood. My mood is “why am I still so sweaty” combined with “how did I just spend three hours on Wikipedia” which is pretty normal for me on both counts. ANYWAY. Here’s a makeup! It’s pretty damn basic!


It’s my usual mix of high-low : a nude matte shadow on browbone (ColourPop Full Zip), a sheer golden shimmer-wash shadow all over lids and crease and upward (Dior Fusion Mono cream/powder hybrid shadow in Mirror), and on lower lids (in lieu of my usual winged spike) a smudge of taupe (Givenchy Ombre Couture in Taupe Velours) augmented by a bit of black at the outer corners and pulled into a lower softer quasi-wing (ColourPop pressed). And that’s allllll because it’s so effing hot and I don’t caaaaaaare.

OH BUT. You might’ve noticed — and if you follow my bullshit on Insta or Twitter you’ve already seen — NEW HAIR WOO. This is legit the most half-assed dye job of my LIFE. I was cleaning out the bathroom cabinets to make room for my soon-to-be-housemate’s stuff, and found a decade-old jar of hot pink Manic Panic that was three-quarters gone. Eh, let’s live on the edge and use that shit. Dump in the dregs of the loathsome (oh god it stinks) purple Punky Color, and oops that might be too purple so add a gob of MP Tiger Lily (yellowy orange) and oops that might still be too saturated so add a gob of MP Virgin Snow. Stir, blop the whole mess onto top of head, comb down as far as it’ll go. I GOT LUCKY, the color turned out gooooood. Look what it does with Messy Lazy Updo! ::


Anyway. The rest of this look, such as it is, was all about the PINK, because my hair is (today, at least) SO PINK, so I just did a whole bunch of blush (PINK) (Nars “Desire”) and one of my most “conservative” lipsticks (PINK) (Givenchy Le Rouge in Violine Precieux) which actually goes pretty great with this hair (it’s PINK but not too pink).

In conclusion, PINK. Also three cheers for laziness. Hip hip, hooraaaayyyyI’lldotherestlater. <3

WHAT’S ON YOUR FACE? Also have you seen Mission Impossible:Fallout yet? Because we saw it yesterday and OMG IT’S SO GOOD.