LOTRT : July 23

OKAY YEAH! SO IT’S MONDAY and I wore a makeup.


First off, it is sans retouching. I generally don’t go crazy with the blurring and “omg must look perrrrrfect” because fuck that mind-warping bullshit. But I DO usually airbrush out any healing breakouts that’ve left a red spot or a flaky place, and sometimes I also fix a mascara smudge or something that wasn’t visible in the mirror but is VERY noticeable in a big-ass photo. This week I did none of those things because you know what? My skin is Good Enough, and my face is Good Enough, and my makeup application is Good Enough, and yours is too. <3

ANYWAY. I used primer because I knew I’d need it. Actually I knew I’d need the hardcore glitter primer, so PRE-primer I hit my browbone with some nude matte pressed shadow (for me, ColourPop Hear Me Out is the go-to) and carried it down to my crease. THEN I patted some glitter primer (e.l.f., yo) all over my mobile lid and sheered/thinned it out upward toward crease.

While my glitter primer was still damp/tacky, I patted on one of my own megasparkly concoctions that I use on my nails, too. It does contain cosmetic glitter of a variety that, like most of them, is “not recommended for use around the eyes” but we all do it anyway sometimes because funnnn. If you’re doing this tho, srsly, GLITTER ADHESIVE. Normal eyeshadow primer is not sticky enough!

Anyway, I patted a bit of it up into my crease, too, and then dusted on some of the Mustaev shadow in lilac with golden shimmer in that area to help blend it a little more smoothly into the “nude” browbone region, and then went over the whole browbone with a light dusting of a pale pinky shimmer to kinda consolidate everything.


Liner is the AOA Studio liquid stuff which I’m REALLY liking (the brush on this one is quite easy to use, and I find it to be a bit blacker and more opaque than the Tarte Sex Kitten stylo liner) — with a fun double flick.

“Oh wow a double-flick, this must have been a carefully-planned lo…” ha ha ha nope. The double flick is what happens when I sneeze or twitch or whatever and lose control of the liner brush and make a big blop outside where I planned to put it, but am unmotivated to actually clean off the mistake and patch my eyeshadow, so I just improvise and stack another flick on there. #ART.

Again, it’s summer and I’m a gross sweaty blob, so face makeup was minimal (grateful for non-sweaty eyelids). I just did some nude-ish blush (for my skintone, that’s usually Tarte in Exposed) and a nude-ish lip color (I think this is Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer in Brun Buzz, which I’ve been wearing a lot lately. But it might also be something else! YSL Glossy Stain in 02, or that one nude-ish Chantecaille gloss…I forgot to make notes, sorryyyyyy).

Also pls note that, unlike my typical [for the last two years anyway] deep blue/blurple shades, this latest dye job has been fading FAST and I’m in like full-on mermaid ~STYLE~. Annnnnnd spkg of mermaids but unrelated to makeup except for the vfx variety — have y’all seen the Aquaman trailer? No? WELL.

Thoughts, in order :

“Yeah, okay, I mean DC has mostly been bullshit but I like Khal Drogo so maybe.”

“Is there a fish-speaking equivalent to ‘parselmouth’?”

“Hm this might be kinda cheezy.”

“Wait but it might be cheezy in a good way?”

[Female character says ‘Welcome home’ as she takes soon-to-be-king character into the Secret Kingdom] “I bet someone has already made a ‘WETKANDA FOREVER’ joke so I should definitely not say that anywhere.” [Says it anyway.]

“This has Willem Dafoe AND Dolph Lundgren? Wtaf.”

“Ok I am 100% on board with this wacky shit.”

HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND? Mine was hot. Also we ate at the new barbecue joint downtown and it was EFFING AMAZING (legit the best collard greens I’ve ever had).