LOTRT : July 2

Oh what’s up it’s a holiday week, LET’S GO NUTS. Today’s look is slightly bonkers and it’s definitely not at ALL to make up for the fact that this is kinda late-ish because I’m still a lil bit sick and I fell asleep. NOPE, THAT IS NOT WHY. (It’s at least partially because I’m kinda loopy and I figured I could use that as excuse for any shortcomings in my application.)

Do you have exciting plans for the 4th of July? If so, you should definitely wear this very dramatic makeup. If not, you should definitely wear this very dramatic makeup and prance around the house making stupid faces in every mirror you pass. That’s what I’m doing. Wig optional.


Browbone : nude matte to blend shit into. I used ColourPop pressed in Full Zip.

Above crease : peachy whiskey shimmer ditto. I used AOA Wonder Baked in Bourbon.

All over lid and up into crease : first smear on some primer, which you forgot to do straight out of the gate. Then, a pink-orange shimmer bonanza that reads more or less “red.” I used Fyrinnae Yurei’s Revenge.

On outer V of lid and crease and blended up/out : a deep black with red shimmer/pearl. I used Morgana Cryptoria’s Cauldron Flames. Optional : use a too-fluffy brush to apply this one, drop crumbs of red-black shadow all over your cheeks, unthinkingly try to wipe them away with a tissue and end up with stripes which then have to be removed and spackled over with powder foundation. Yay.

A little liner, a little mascara, and that’s it!

OH AND, be sure you have an appropriate RED to fill in your eyebrows with. You could order one of the new KVD bright brow fill thangs, or you can be like me and use a damn matte liquid lipstick like some kind of heathen. This is ColourPop Ultra Matte in LAX. Be prepared to COMPLETELY avoid touching your brows, because even tho this is one that dries and “sets” on the lip pretty firmly, it’s defffffinitely rub-off-able on eyebrows. :)  (:

And THEN, realize you gave away your blue lipsticks because they weren’t really all that (I had two of the blue NYX Wicked ones, and both were too sheer, too slippy, wouldn’t stick to my inner lip area, and generally just looked Not Good on me), say “screw it,” and grab your Starry Prism cream shadow in blue and paint that shit on your mouth like some kind of lunatic.

For real tho, this shit is actually NOT BAD as a lip color! Is it safe? I DUNNO. :D  But it is, shockingly, NOT the least-comfortable thing I’ve ever worn on my mouth, the coverage is pretty great, and the wear is ridic. So, yeah, now I have to order the pink and plum ones that I skipped before because “I will NEVER wear those”…. on my eyes. But I might need them as lippies! Anyway, RED WHITE N BLUE, YO. Omg I am made of cheeze. And also germs.

Tell me ’bout your maaaaake uuuuuup. <3