LOTRT : July 16

Today’s look continues the “eff it’s too hot for this shit” Summer Minimalism theme, AND ALSO is an experiment in “let’s dig out some products I buried in the deepest bowels of my stash because I freakin’ hate them — are they really THAT bad?”


PRIMER, because I suspect I’m gonna need it. I used my AOA Studio one.

On browbone, a matte pale-nude-ivory shade — I used ColourPop pressed in “Full Zip.”

Then a one-and-done wash of all over color, patted on more opaquely (or attempted as such) on lids, and blended up into the ivory. This is an ellllderly Joey New York eyeshadow single that’s legit so old that not only is this shade no longer produced, the company doesn’t even do MAKEUP AT ALL anymore, I don’t think. (They still exist, but as a more “cosmeceuticals” kinda outfit.) It’s called like Eye Want You or something and it’s a matte bruisey-plum base with teeny glittery shimmer bits in a deep bronze-ish gold. Plus mascara, and that’s it! :D


Ugh it didn’t want to adhere well, even over a decent primer, and the sparkles are bullshit — they don’t bind well with the base, so they don’t want to cling well and they just end up doing The Fallout Shuffle all over your cheeks. Also this shade is one I’d categorize as “wildly unflattering” on my skintone, so that’s an added bonus.


Some “neutral” blush that I wore for ages, like an idiot, that’s WAY too brown for my complexion and just makes my skin look dull and dirty (it’s NARS in Douceur). I was going for a kind of dirty-70s-bronzer vibe, which is really not a look that works for me. Anyway, I rubbed off some of the grody fug blush and went over it with some highlighter I actually like (a Smashbox one that isn’t made any more, but it’s like Soft Lights in “Shimmer” or something?) and a lipstick I loathe even more than the eyeshadow, if that’s possible :

I’m making this face in like ALL OF THE PICS because that’s how much I hated this makeup. My whole face just looks …. dirty? Anyway, the lipstick is Tom Ford Lips & Boys BS in much-adored “Stavros,” and it’s effing garbage and I hate it so much. I could probably pull this weird pewtery shade off just fine as an eyeshadow, but on my mouth it’s an abominationnnn.

Terrible Joey New York shadow alone and over primer, equally abhorrent Tom Ford lipstick in “Stavros.” Or, just “NOPE, NOPE, AND NOPE.”

Also, it’s thin, slippy, too emollient for my preferences, it completely fails to adhere to the middle/inner part of my lips (that’s not patchy application in the photo above — the shit just will NOT stick there) and to add literal insult to metaphorical injury, it fucking reeks of vanilla. Which as you all probably know by now is my super-ultra-unfavorite. :(  Plus this little bastard was like thirty-five bucks for what’s practically a mini/travel size, and it’s in a cheap-ass flimsy chintzy black-and-gold plastic case worthy of a Wet’n’Wild LE series. UGH.

Got anything you’ve said “OH EW” to then shoved in the back of your makeup drawer, and pulled out later to re-confirm your loathing? Anything you later changed your mind about? Am I a lunatic for even keeping this stuff in my stash? DISCUSS.