I’m sorta kinda taking the day off, but here’s a half-assed post anyway. YAY!

First, when I say “summer is bullshit, I hate the sun, prefer to only go outside at night, vampire, etc etc” it’s because when I walk home wearing a cute printed mesh tee — like, 1.25 miles / 25-ish minutes? — this happens :

It mostly settled down to a more-or-less “normal” (for me) color after about three hours, but YEESH. :(

Are you barbecuing / fireworksing today? No? Stayin’ home and dicking around online? Consider killing a few minutes with Quick Draw, which I’ve been unable to stop playing with for the last half hour. It gives you a simple (ish) object or concept to doodle, and a time limit of 20 seconds.

It’s basically like playing Pictionary with an AI, and the BEST PART is listening to the dopey computer voice try to “guess” as you work. I just did an owl, as instructed, and the thing is like “I see nose. I see sleeping bag. I see remote control. I see ghost. Oh I know, it’s owl.” Supposedly this is helping “machine learning” projects get better at recognizing pictures/doodles? Whatever. It’s bizarre and vaguely dada and hilarious and I’m SUPER into it.

IN HAIR NEWS, this dye job is fading in a manner I would describe as “pretty damn nifty” :

IN OTHER NEWS, we came in SECOND at bar trivia last night (laaaaaame, we missed the top spot by ten points aka ONE QUESTION) and our very excellent team name did not win the fabulous-name bonus, either. >:(  (We were Blue Oyster Culture Club.)

TONIGHT, we’re probably skipping the local fireworks extravaganza which is nice but not actually all that extravagant — I mean it’s hot as fuck and I’ve had quite enough “outdoors” for one day, thx — and staying in and making homemade pizza. I grabbed a yellow squash and some artichoke hearts and some feta and we’re gonna KILL it this time. It shall be ROUND, not “approximately Australia-shaped” as usual! And we shall NOT bake it too long because we forgot to set a timer and then started talking about some random-ass thing! (We probably will do precisely this.)

Pizza dough : good for eating, good for taking out one’s aggression upon.

SHIT THAT’S GONNA TURN UP ON HERE SOON : Pixi Rose toner, some AOA liquid lipstick swatches, a bunch of fun-ish shower gels, day and night creams from Cotarde, and Yet Another Gommage Peel. Woo!

Who’s fireworksing? Got fun plans? Share so that I may liveth vicariously through thee. <3