WOO, another weekend! Woo, it’s still hot AF! Okay that’s not a woo. It continues Bloody Disgusting in these parts, but I’m coping via booze and makeup. Spk of … I’m doing a minor reorganization in the bathroom, and I seem to’ve hit critical mass vis-a-vis liquid lipsticks :

Like, is that A Problem? I can no longer tell. It doesn’t SEEM like a problem except that they’re dramatically overflowing their designated storage areas (aka 90% a Muji drawer, 10% My Purse) soooooo, now I’ve gotta rearrange a drawer OR scavenge another fat glass candle holder to put some in BUT THEN I’d have to find a place for the candle holder to go AND OBVS that’s challenging bc if it weren’t I wouldn’t be doing a bathroom re-org OR I mean I could get rid of some of them lol I totally won’t do that, I have five more in my ShopMissA cart rn. How do you store your shit? When you run out of spots for your shit, do you expand your storage or get rid of shit? I am not A Real Beauty Blogger so I’m not psychologically comfortable with starting a Helmer Wall, you know? #DILEMMAS.

SPGK OF BATHROOM COUNTERS, let me just take this opportunity to brag on The Boy, who has this little stash of skincare items that I did not purchase for him, nor even instruct him to purchase :

Granted, he first tried the Acure things at my house (and liked them enough to buy on his own), and he did ask me about “you know, that breakout stuff that’s not like benzoyl whatever” and I told him “the Stridex red box dealio is what everybody recommends — you want salicylic acid in a format that you leave on your face, not just a foaming cleanser or other product that gets rinsed off” and he went with this Clearasil jazz that I’m not familiar with it but it seems good! I can attest that the scent is kinda … citrusy/tangy? Which I quite dig. Anyway, I’m like 50% proud and 50% amused that he accumulates this shit and actually [albeit sporadically] uses it all. CUTE. <3 He also has other stuff I’ve given him that he quite likes : some Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water, decants of hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil, a gommage peel, etc. When we eventually move in together (which will be soonish!) (OMG), I feel like I’m going to have to actively pay more attention to product fill levels and restocking bc I KNOW he’s gonna use all my shit.* But, again, CUTE. <3

* One time I had people over for a semi-party thing, and despite the fact that there was a glass pump of what was OBVIOUSLY (to me?) hand soap, seemingly ALL of these fuckers instead used my Aveda Botanical Kinetics facial cleanser (which was also in a pump bottle) to wash their damn hands with, and when I realized this it was A FACEPALM FOR THE AGES. :(

IN SALAD NEWS, lately I’ve really been feelin’ the whole “slightly altered take on the classic chop” :

Keep the chopped turkey / chicken / cheese (Swiss in this case) and the garbanzo beans, sub romaine and field greens for the usual iceberg (bleh), add avocado and alfalfa sprouts (buried under the avocado there, sorry), and hit it with a salt-and-peppery lemon/olive oil dressing. I so often include sweet notes in salads via fruit or a honey-based dressing, so it’s kinda nice to have one that’s purely savory, ya know?

THIS WEEKEND, I am … well, right now I’m doing a blog post. THEN I’m gonna finish editing some photos of nail polish to post on My Site That Doesn’t Talk About Face Gloop And Salads. THEN I’m gonna go downtown for an iced latte, and come home and clean the house. TOMORROW I’m making tacos — chicken breast in a lemon/lime/cumin/olive oil marinade, pickled red onions, grilled bell pepper, avocado (duh), goat cheese (Publix, why you no have cotija) and sharp white cheddar, fresh cilantro, and artichoke hearts because WHY NOT? And then it’ll be Cocktail Hour(s), YEAH.

YOUR PLANS. Tell me them. Or about your lipstick storage! Or complain about the weather! I LOVE YOU ALL V V MUCH. <3