Welp, it’s raining like a mofo again. But that’s fine, because at least it’s Less Hot while that’s happening. On the downside, it makes me sleeeeeeepy, and I’ve got shit to do. However, I did just finish one thing on the list :

We got invited to a baby shower, which we didn’t attend because we were in New Orleans seeing A BAND and DRANKIN’, but I made these delightful hats as [part of] a gift. Are they baby-sized hats? I don’t know! I think so? I have very limited experience with babies, thank effing glob, but they seem about right? All three are preposterously soft, and the one in the middle is made of doubled-up brushed suri plus a strand of tiny thin silver metallic, and the poof at the top is a little round doily thinger that I’m pretty sure my great grandmother tatted? IT IS ADORABLE. Also I don’t know how to do proper snug/flat hem things, so I just let them have a rolled edge, which is fine, right? Right. Babies don’t care about these things, do they?

Also, while I was digging through my Craft Stash (I say this like it’s one cohesive and persnicketily-organized conglomeration, but it so very is not), I found this AMAZING gimp ‘n’ pompom trim, which I’ve pulled out to add to the hem of a miniskirt because why not?

SO FUN. And it’ll probably leave delightful/weird round indentations on the backs of my legs when I sit on it! Like wearable wicker!

IN SALAD NEWS, last week’s salad was pretty boring, SORRY.

Arugula and romaine, fried chicken, alfalfa sprouts, chopped shallots, cucumber, avocado, and feta, which is a damn fine combination even if it’s not wildly inventive. I kept the dressing fairly tart/savory on this one: lemon juice, worcestershire, olive oil, a tiny bit of honey, and greek seasoning.

HOWEVER. The pizza we made this week was pretty damn epic :

If you’re into DIYing pizza, trust me when I tell you to skillet-fry some Godshall’s turkey bacon in a little olive oil, remove it to cool, and throw some chopped zucchini into the leftover grease to cook down with a little salt and pepper. Artichoke, diced roma tomato and red bell pepper, mozzarella, a hefty dash of fresh-shaved parmigiano-reggiano, and just a bare handful of good capers (those little bastards are potent, so use very sparingly) and OMFG. It was pretty damn close to perfect. (This is with the dough made three days ahead of time, and the finished pie baked on a pizza stone at like 500 degrees for 9-10 minutes.)

AND FINALLY, the other day I mentioned QuickDraw, i.e. the machine-learning doodle thing? If you REALLY want to kill some time — apologies in advance — let me just introduce you to Drawasaurus. I am so, so sorry (but not really).

THIS WEEKEND, I’ll be waiting for the new giant gnarly zit on my face to heal (I blame a combination of being sick, and fucking with my skin’s turnover cycle by quitting the Retin-A Micro), altering and possibly embellishing a cute-yet-plain wrap dress I just snagged online, trying out a new gommage peel and a new azelaic acid cream, and havin’ a fancy cocktail at our usual hangout.

That’s a sadly shitty photo of a spectacular Barbarossa — made with hybiscus syrup, tyvm. If you ever find yourself in need of Fancy Drink inspo / ideas? I strongly suggest following my [amaaaaazing] bartender Kyle on Instagram. Lychee/pomegranate watermelon basil Gin Fizz? Carmelized fig Old Fashioned? Dry-ice fogged Aviation? YES PLS.