Wonder Baked Redux (Plus Primer!)


YEAH WOO, it’s more cheap (yet pretty good!) eyeshadow to play with! I love (and very frequently use) the AOA Studio Wonder Baked shadows I talked about before, so couldn’t resist picking up a couple new ones…plus their newish shimmery eye primer. LET’S SEE ‘EM.


The blue is “Neptune,” the whiskey shade is (appropriately) called “Bourbon,” and the primer is “Glow.” The baked shadows come in 24 different shades, and the primer is currently available in three varieties : Original (kinda mid-peach, the most sheer of the three), “Nude” (lighter than Original, more yellow, less sheer), and “Glow” (sheer shimmer). All of them are AY DOLLARRRR, so I’d classify them “definitely worth the risk, especially for products/colors you’re uncertain about but would maybe like to experiment with.”

AOA Wonder Baked Eyeshadow, Bourbon

AOA Wonder Baked Eyeshadow, Neptune

As with the Wonder Baked shadows I looked at previously, these apply with “medium” coverage to bare skin if you use a finger, or they can be applied with a poofy brush as a really nice sheer wash — they go on evenly, and have a nice low-key (non-glittery) sparkle that I really dig. If you apply them over primer and/or with a wet brush, they quickly hit “pan color” and are much more strongly shimmery/metallic.

AOA Perfect Eye Primer in "Glow," Wonder Baked shadows in Bourbon and Neptune

AOA Perfect Eye Primer in "Glow," Wonder Baked shadows in Bourbon and Neptune

That’s the pinky-beige pearly “Glow” at far left, then Bourbon on bare skin and over UD primer, and Neptune on bare skin and over UD primer. (The second photo is in the weird kinda flat lighting that mutes shimmers, but it does show perhaps a truer, less-yellow color profile.) Bourbon is a mid golden brown with undertones that lean a little more red than yellow-orange, making it slightly more workable on my pink face; Neptune is a really fun denim blue and I’m loving it applied sheerly. And of course, a video so you can see ’em in action :


You know, it’s actually not bad! Does it have the incredible longevity-granting powers of UD Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance and similar? Eh, probably not, but then both of those irritate the hell out of my eyelid skin, and this one does not. Yay!

It goes on fairly sheer with its lil doe foot wand (I rub/blend it in with a finger, obvs), and oddly, it remains kinda tacky for a while. Not like “oh you’ve got a few minutes to get your shadow look together!” I mean like, for a couple of HOURS. So if you were planning on getting this as a “sheer wash of shimmer to wear like a cream shadow that won’t crease”? Nah. It doesn’t have much actual pigment, and the tack means you’ve gotta powder over it if you’re not wearing eyeshadow, so it’s not really good for that purpose. However, it DID help maintain my eyeshadow for longer than I would’ve gotten with no primer :

That’s the primer, ColourPop pressed powder shadows in my-nude Hear Me Out and matte taupe Take The Lead, topped with a light dusting of Looxi’s Omega, and Tarte Sex Kitten liner stylo. This is after 5+ hours of wear, a good bit of it standing around outside in not-inconsiderable heat and pretty heavy humidity — I had some creasing and fading, yeah, but I’m pretty certain it’s a good bit less than I would’ve had sans primer on my oily lids in this kind of weather. Overall, I’d put its performance as slightly better than the e.l.f. Shadow Lock primer : not OMG INCREDIBLE, but definitely a helpful improvement. Plus, again, it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all and it’s A DOLLAR.

THE VERDICT : Good! I dig all three of these. I’ve been using the primer pretty regularly, and the shadows (which were featured in Monday’s LOTRT!) are fun, blendable, and together they make a nifty grey-taupe shade! DO YOU NEED THEM? I mean, if you’re gonna order from ShopMissA anyway and need stuff to hit the $35 free-shipping threshold? I feel like one or two of the Wonder Baked shadows should definitely come home with you — and the primer is worth a go if you, like me, have weirdly sensitive eye skin that so many other primers irritate. <3