OOTRT : June 7

This week’s getup comes with a question : how often do you buy things that’re described (or specifically marketed as) “you can dress it up or down!”? I do not look for pieces with that kind of built-in “versatility” — instead, I prefer to mildly inappropriately dress things up or down, like so :

Emerald and black metallic taffeta bubble skirt is, I thiiiiiink, from ASOS? Or possibly TopShop. I bought it because I can’t resist shiny shimmery things — especially in such a phenomenal color omg, and I long ago came to the conclusion that there’s really no such thing as “too formal/dressy/fancy” when you can bring that shit down with some grubby fake Chucks (with studs!) (they’re the Primadonna ones from Yoox that I’ve got like three pairs of) and a band t-shirt.

So here’s to repurposing Fancy Shit as casual wear — that’s gonna be my summer mantra. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A LOT OF POSTS FEATURING SEQUINS. <3

What’re you wearing? What’s yer fave “WRONNNNNG” way to wear something? DISCUSS.