OOTRT : June 28

Holy shit it’s so hot and I don’t even care what I look like so I’ve been wearing crap like this :

That’s a chino skort from LandsEnd that I’ve had forevvvvvvver (you’ll see them again, I’ve got it in three different colors) that I’ve chopped part of the hem off of and then rolled up a bit. I mean, A) breezier and B) I kinda like the “layered” bottom look? Which I feel actually kinda works here, as the shorts on these are exactly the same fabric as the skirt part so it doesn’t look like “oh hey your thin stretchy weirdly-long contrasting-color underwear are showing.” This INCREDIBLE look also features fat scrunchy socks because in my head I’m still 12, plus a tee the BF designed, a belt I’ve had so long I can’t remember where it came from, and a pair of Ecco sneakers that’re freaking LEGIT and I wish they still made them so I could give you a link bc they’re amazing. They’re kinda like tai chi shoes — super thin (partly mesh! airy!), super flexy, with a crazy thin light bendy sole, so they feel like driving gloves for your feet? If you run across any, GET THEM. I regret not grabbing the metallic silver ones too.

You can tell it’s Effing Hot because my hair is actually up, which generally only happens when I’m doing Serious Shit, or when I’m not leaving the house (or taking photos) … or when current conditions outside can be duped with a kiln and a fire hose. :(

That’s all you cats get this week because again, IT IS SO NASTY OUT. Also I’m still sick as hell, and now I’m going to go crawl into bed with my water bottle. <3

What do you wear when you just Can’t Be Bovvered To GAF? Minimalist sundress? Layers you can peel off? Flip-flops, yea or nay?