OOTRT : June 21

WOO, it’s Thursday! Almost the weekend! It’s also hot as hell! And it’s Outfit Day! Wherein I ditch my usual nerd-punk motif in favor of full-on Soccer Mom steez :

YEAH MAN, that shiz is 100% LandsEnd, yo. Okay actually the tank is from The Gap or something, and the blue-and-black stripey flats are from, uhh, Nordstrom probably? But the no-iron navy shirt and the charcoal knit skort are from everyone’s favorite purveyor of Boring Shit Your Grandma From Massachusetts Wears. But I mean honestly? It’s a pretty good shirt! It’s actually got [a little] stretch! It really is wrinkle-resistant! It’s even sorta fitted! By LandsEnd standards, anyway. (It’s got back darts and bust darts, but no front darts, alas. Whatever, I prefer full princess seams anyway.) This particular one isn’t on the site anymore, but it’s worth checking out their current selection if you’re looking for button-front “dress”-ish shirts that aren’t completely crappy — tho if you’re particular about fit, read the descriptions carefully — most of their current crop of shirts do NOT have stretch. :(

The skort, on the other hand, is currently available for $25.95 (also in navy and khaki!), and omg it’s super comfy. The fabric is a nice smooth dense knit of a weight somewhere between “nice t-shirt” and “lightweight sweater” — plusher and denser than most tees or knit tops, but not heavy or super thick. Other pros : easy elastic waist that doesn’t look like an elastic waist (it’s non-bulky and lies flat), and built-in shorts that’re A) not annoyingly snug and not a whole lot shorter than the skirt itself, YAY, and B) made of the same fabric as the skirt part, YAY. (I have a number of lady-golfer skorts that I love — so cute! fun patterns and colors! — but many of them have shorts that’re like, so thin they’re see-through, so short and tight they might as well be underwear, and are WHITE. NO.) The one con for this dude: no pocketses. :(

SKORTS. Do you hate your thighs touching or rubbing together, especially in sticky summer weather? SKORTS. Do you love shorter skirts but worry about inadvertently flashing people if you fall down or get hammered and do a cartwheel? SKORTS. If this one isn’t your jam, my other go-to brands (particularly for the aforementioned fun patterns and colors) are golf-centric Loudmouth, Greg Norman, Cutter & Buck, and Lija, all of which also have real good pocketses. SKORTS! <3