OOTRT : June 14

YAY THURSDAY OUTFIT TIME. This week’s ensemble is from last Saturday night, and last week was pretty hard core, so I was READY FOR DRANKS. So obvs I had to bust out the appropriate shirt, i.e. this one.

Ugh, why is BuyMeBrunch now part of TheChive? IDK, whatever, their shirts are super soft and amazing and they remain my favorite. Alas that many/most of their shirts now seem to be centered around LOL PARTY BOOZE [sez the hypocrite wearing the above shirt] BOOBS FOOD etc — what happened to the classics like “FROM THE FUTURE” and “SCIENCE” and the dinosaur with “THEY’LL NEVER FIND US”? Sigh. It’s the death-spiral of our culture. (It actually isn’t.)

ANYWAY. I’d be willing to put money on the fact that this is the first time the “FUCK IT LET’S DRINK” shirt has been worn with OG Ferragamo “Glory” patent grosgrain-bow slides (I love these for their vintage look, their modest heel, and the fact that the metal bar medallion thing on top is silvery chrome and not gollllld) and an 1980s snake bracelet. The skirt is from some weird shop in L.A., and I love its uneven, mismatched, raw-edge ruffles of assorted tulles and sateens and chiffon crap in shades of grey and black. Funnnn! Even though the zipper is crappy and it hangs kinda weird. Who cares? ABSURD RUFFLES. This is now officially my Lucky Cocktail Outfit, because there were actually people we like to hang with at the bar, AND they were playing a pretty bitchin mix of Bowie / old Police stuff / other A+ Saturday Night Drinking Music. A RARITY.

YOUR OUTFIT, tell us about it. Or complain about how your bar always plays TERRIBLE MUSIC. <3