LOTRT : June 4

It’s MONDAY and it’s SUMMER, let’s draw on our faces in a semi-haphazard fashion.


It’s PLAYTIME, that’s what it is.

I did NOT use primer because I didn’t want super-ultra adhesion and thus density/opacity, but you do what’s best for you/your products.

All over browbone and down to crease, matte nude. I used my usual ColourPop pressed shadow in Hear Me Out.

Then get some black — preferably a cream product, and one that blends out smoothly and easily — on a filbertish shader brush, and plop it on your mobile lid. I applied it pretty heavily to the center of my lid, and feathered it out a little bit toward inner corners, and a LOT toward outer corners and beyond. Let it be scuffy and sketchy, that’s what we’re going for.

Then I got a looseish poofy brush and dusted a light coating of Looxi shadow in Mirage all over the whole shebang — it’s kinda sheer in the base and heavy on the sparkles, which is what I wanted in this instance. Also the black cream shadow (I used my Starry Prism in black) takes a second to set, so it was still a lil bit tacky at this point. I packed on more of the shadow with a flat synthetic brush on inner corners to further diffuse the black gradient there.

THEN, with a liner stylo (I used Tarte Sex Kitten), a skinny straight line just above lashes and out. I also did a kinda sketchy/stuttery line on the upper edge of my black wing thing, to better emphasize its upper edge, as I didn’t want a smooth gradient there.

Lower lid (after mascara and cleanup, of course) is a wash of matte taupe filling in the outer corner down to that wing flick, and then a light patting of Mirage for more sparkles. WOO, this one is fun! (It’s funner in person.) I love how on bare skin, Mirage is a bright sheer mango with a faint pinky sheen, but where it goes over black it’s all HELLO PINKY CORAL SPARKLES.

And it’s ~dramatic~ yet comparatively easy, because you don’t have to be super precise with anything. I paired it with the usual “nudeish” blush (Tarte Exposed is my fave for my skintone — it’s pink enough to not read as “dirty orangey brown” on my very pink skin, but not so pink that it looks…well, pink). Also this look involved a shitload of golden highlighter (Becca pressed in Moonstone), and a kinda coordinating coral-pink-golden-sparkly gloss (Dior Addict in 643). I dig this because it’s kinda “WOOOO!” but also the eye part will wear pretty well and the rest of the look (such as it is) is pretty low key and it won’t much matter if the weather humidifies my foundation off or I accidentally smear my lips when trying to wipe off the inevitable face sweats.

It ALSO involved a complete fucking inability to operate my GD camera and I swear to god I took like twenty pictures of my full face and they were all TERRIBLE so you get this one, I am DONE.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MAKEUP. Or attempt to talk me out of screwing with my hair, which I’ve been “trimming” (i.e. hacking at intermittently) for two days and am seriously considering a serious re-bleaching of.