LOTRT : June 25

This week’s Look is entitled “Accidental Souvenir” because while I did not shop for any tchotchkes during our brief jaunt to New Orleans this weekend (I have ample tchotchkes already, and since I lived that shit for almost eight years, I did not do The Tourist Experience and have no need for a shirt that says like “I Survived Nine Hand Grenades at Tropical Isle and all I got was this lousy hangover” or whatever) … apparently I DID bring something back. I brought back a germ. :( So today I’m sitting on the sofa in the 77-degree living room in leggings, long-sleeve tee, cable knit cardigan, fuzzy scarf wrapped around my head and neck, and a giant water bottle. BOOOOOO. Anyway, a few weeks ago I took some pics of a makeup look and subsequently was like “ZZZZZZZzzz, lame, I can’t use that for LOTRT, it’s so boring.” But honestly I just don’t have it in me to do A Real Look today, and really, this is a pretty fair representation of my Default Makeup: when I’m lazy, uninspired, feeling my almost-46 years, uncharacteristically am seeking a plain clean-faced look, or I know I’m about to get sweaty AF and anything ambitious will be ruined in minutes so why bother?


This is a “who even cares” look, HOWEVER, I did use my AOA Studio eye shadow primer — because all the shadows used here are mattes, which look extra-shitty when they crease up, and also to have just a tiny bit of shimmer above the crease.

All over lid and up through/past crease, plain ol’ matte nude-for-you. I used my usual ColourPop “Hear Me Out.”

Because sometimes this “nude” color looks correct and perfect on my browbone but weirdly light on my mobile lids, I dusted on a tiiiiiny bit of a browny-pink matte there. Just above crease, the FAINTEST wash of matte taupe (the usual ColourPop “Take The Lead”).

“Wow that just kinda looks like skin and not like eyeshadow?” YEP! Part of this is “cameras are bastards” and part of it is “yeah I was going for a clean/nude effect while hiding any flaws from visible capillaries or lash-line discoloration from bimatoprost.”

Liner is straight, skinny, and low with a longish flick — and I positioned it so that I can smoothly join it up with a small / partial fill-in at outer corners of lower lash line. Which, if you then hit your whole lower lid area with the matte taupe? You can kinda soften that lower black line and gradient-ify it so that it’s not too harsh.

Then mascara, and that’s it! Everything else about this makeup is Super Effing Basic : nude-ish blush (combo of Tarina Tarantino “Neapolitan Lane” and Tarte in “Exposed”) and nude-ish lip (Tarte matte lip paint in “Festival”), plus the one bit of flash — a load of gold highlighter (Becca Pressed in Moonstone), which doesn’t show up super well in photos, but renders the whole look kinda “clean-faced summery sunshine-y.” Until you sweat it off. :\ If you’re feeling slightly sparkly by the end of your work here, you can say “eh, whatever” and also sweep some of the gold highlighter over your whole lid/crease/browbone area.

YOUR MAKEUP. TELL US ABOUT IT. What do you wear when you just caaaaaaan’t be bovvered?