LOTRT : June 18

NEW HAIR NEW FACE. Okay newish hair, same old face. But with new makeup! So that counts. Ish.

Yep, more ~GRAPHICS~ and more blue. I don’t know what to tell you — maybe I’ve been watching too much superhero-related shit lately and when I go to paint my face these things just kind of … happen? Anyway …


Be sure you forget to do any kind of base on your upper lid / crease / browbone area, because you know that the main product you’re using doesn’t need primer but the look WILL involve a lot of bare eyelid skin, so it’s super important for that skin to look as crinkly and mottled and veiny as possible.

(I’m kidding. I fucked up. Do a nude base first.)

THEN, get a good* brush and a cream shadow in the color of your choice, and doodle away. (* A “good” brush here is one that works well with your product — stiffer the product, the stiffer your brush can be, but for a softer more liquidy product, a softer floppier brush is better, as it’ll lay down the product more opaquely without pulling bristle stroke-marks through it.) I used a Starry Prism cream shadow in metallic blue, which I’ll have swatches/more info for later this week! (SPOILER : I lurve it.)

For the “design” or whatever, I did an upper lid fill that was narrower at the inner corners, and got bigger/wider as it went out — and then I pulled out three backwards flares or streaks or whatever. They can be a little jagged and brushtroke-y and diffused at the edges. Since the rest of the eye is really clean and stark, a slightly messy edge is cool. The positioning or size of everything is At Your Discretion — I did mine so that when my eyes are fully open, only really the outermost swoop/spike thing is visible.

Once your “design” is dry and set, go back in with a small firm blending brush and tap a bit of matte nude shadow over all your stupid mottled veiny eyelid skin, damn it. Then fill in between lashes with a black stylo liner (I used Tarte Sex Kitten) and do a very thin line above lashes, and outline the outer edge of the “design.” A pen-type liner is prrrrobably going to be your best bet for getting an even narrow line, and you definitely want one that won’t feather or bleed while it’s wet.

Mascara, cleanup, and just a bit of matte taupe on the lower lash line, and that’s it!

Since this is kinda “WHOA,” I kept my other makeup low key.

Ha ha I totally lied, it’s all bright as hell. Nars blush in “Desire,” and Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Rhubarb, and Looxi peach-violet highlighter in “Ever After.” And OH DID YOU NOTICE? The hair is … not precisely what I was aiming for, but also I was pretty tired and I kinda didn’t care a whole lot, but I LOVE the end result even if it does read very “My Little Pony.”

Princess Celestia signing off, yo.