LOTRT : June 11

HEY it’s that time again. Let’s ponder some face painting theory, yes? YES. This week’s look is all about “why do I ALWAYS wear eyeliner? What if I DIDN’T wear eyeliner?”

(Spoiler : No eyeliner is worn here.) (Omg.)


This week’s look is ALSO about blending wildly different colors together to get something quite different. Obviously, this usually works best / most smoothly with powder eyeshadows that’re both shimmery and kinda sheer (or can at least be applied kinda sheerly without too much effort).

I used a shimmery whiskey-shade (which we’ll talk about later this week) with strong reddy-orange tones all over my lid, then brushed in some denim blue (which we’ll also talk about later this week) and blended blended blended blended blennnnnnded it into the crease and up/outwards a bit. Together, the whisky and denim not only sound like A Solid Plan For Friday Nights, but they also create a nice greyish taupe shade which I’m really into.

On the browbone, I’d like to say that I PLANNED to do a bright pale shimmer as a highlight, but really I went too far up with my whiskey-denim blend (I plan to spell “whisky” differently every time) so I just went over it with a little matte nude, and that was too light so I threw in some light taupey-rose, and that was too dark so I added some pale silvery-pinky shimmer, and that was way too metallic so I hit it with a little more matte nude and it was fine or at least “good enough.”

Again, NO LINER. So I kept the mascara light ‘n’ wispy (it’s the Armani ETK one that I like okay but don’t adore), and hit the center of my mobile lid with a fingertip loaded with the whyskii shade for more opacity, and then used the denim blue on a small dampened smudge brush on lower lid / along lash line.

SURPRISE, I actually kinda dig this! I always feel like after I put my eyeshadow on (which I usually do first thing after foundation and powder), my eyes just kind of disappear and look small and ill-defined and Generally Kinda Weird? BUT. If I go ahead and do my brows and mascara, suddenly it’s … kind of okay? Don’t get me wrong — I am still 100% devoted to Team Big Honkin’ Winged Liner, but this does make for a nice change!

I kept the rest of my makeup pretty chill, so as not to detract from the colorful-yet-relatively-subtle eye stuff : just a peachy blush (Japonesque #1) and a matte light-nude pinkish lipstick (Chi Chi Viva La Diva in “Sex Bomb”).

But the OTHER good thing about this look — particularly the heavy swoop of undereye royal blue — is something I only realized after I’d applied it and then started watching Thor Ragnarok yet again : you can totally fuckin’ do a pretty good Grand Master cosplay with this shit :


Tell me ’bout your makeup! Orrrrr about your fave part of Ragnarok? Orrrrr your fave oft-maligned/less-loved Led Zeppelin song (I’m partial to most of Presence myself).