“Omg why is this so early, it’s weird and confusing.” BECAUUUUSE I’m leaving in a minute to head over to New Orleans! Nothin’ too exciting, we’re just going for one night to see a band. Specifically, this band, whom I was really only faintly aware of until recently and feel solidly “yeaaaaah, okay?” about, but whom the bf ADOOOOORES. I like that they have a song called “I Am A Scientist,” so.

I’ll probably come around on them eventually? But in the meantime, I enjoy yanking bf’s chain by asking “who is this?” or “what’re we listening to?” every single time he puts them on. :)   (:

IN FOOD NEWS, I made a variation on Mycologie’s salad from last week, woo! I included rotisserie chicken, artichoke hearts, some avocado and those fun teeny yellow tomatoes that look kinda like gooseberries because WHY NOT?

IN NON-FOOD NEWS, y’all agreed that it was Not Weird that I redecorated my A&H deodorant stick, and one of you (hi Bianca!) even suggested the addition of googly eyes. ALAS, I do not currently possess any googly eyes, but I do have red laser stick-on fish eyes from LureCraft, sooooooo let’s see how you feel about …

IDK, that just kind of … happened. I can’t decide whether he should be named Harpo or Moldovite.

IN STILL OTHER NEWS, Amazon has rolled out Prime Wardrobe for any and all regular ol’ Prime Members! OH BUT WHAT IS IT? Order three or more items from the available styles — which includes some Amazon “house brand”/exclusive lines, plus quite a lot of other popular brands (including a good selection of premium denim like Paige and AG) — try it all on at home (YES PLS), keep and pay for only what you want and send the rest back. You’ve got seven days to decide, and you’re not charged until you do! THIS IS A GOOD SERVICE, I WILL BE DOING THIS. Assuming they have stuff I’m interested in and actually need? (I do not need clothes. Like, at all.) (I’ll prolly do it anyway tho.)

WHAT’RE YOU DOING THIS WEEKEND? I’m seeing an actual band! And then probably going for [another] drink afterwards at The Abbey, which is my all-time favorite dive bar. Also a freezy coffee thing from CC’s, because theirs are AMAZING and foh with that frappuccino nonsense. Also working on TRIVIA QUESTIONS, because we’re hosting our bar’s usual Tuesday Trivia night thing this week, WOO. <3