HEY IT’S A WEEKEND. Yaaaaay. Here’s what I’m up to right this very second :

Because my whole life is about the pursuit of beauty. Okay it totally is not. The pursuit of interestingness? Nah. The pursuit of things to vaguely entertain myself and avert my gaze from the gaping void of the existential abyss? Let’s go with that.

Speaking of beauty and voids, Buzzfeed had a marginally interesting article the other day about the recent spate of “no makeup” celebrity photo shoots and magazine covers and so forth. The author casts this trendoid as something of a “backlash” against the prevailing Instagram / YouTube MUA aesthetic of ALLLLLL THE MAKEUP PLS. It’s maybe kinda telling that this dichotomy is often portrayed as a sort of “Beauty Wars” divide — probably because all sides of the alleged debate are heavily financially incentivized. Are you a seller of makeup? TEAM MAKEUP. YOU NEED IT. You will look better. Look how good you are at this! Achievement! Perfection! $$$! Are you a seller of skincare and minimalist stuff? TEAM NO-MAKEUP. YOU DON’T NEED THAT SHIT. You just need amazing skin. Look how good your skin can be! Achievement! Perfection! $$$!

Next up : blood and electrocution.

Which, that’s all fine if you’ve got solid critical thinking skills and/or no strong opinions either way. But I kind of worry for the younger and more impressionable consumers of this media, and personally, I kind of resent the extremist portions of both sides : because I resent the implication that I’m doing it wrong. Let’s all say it together : wearing makeup and/or being good at makeup is not Virtue, and choosing not to wear makeup is also not Virtue. Being bummed out that you can’t achieve the Hyperperfected Seven-Layer-Dip Baked Alaska Rococo Drag-adjacent Art Face is as much a waste of your mental energies as being bummed out that you can’t achieve the Effortless French/Cool-Girl Glossier Are These Freckles Real Or One Of Those Stencils “look.” This is why I really only read beauty blogs that focus on product reviews, and don’t follow any blogs or brands that’re aggressively pushing a certain aesthetic. I got my own, tanx.

IN OTHER NEWS, there is no salad news because I forgot to take a photo of last Saturday’s salad, but it wasn’t all that interesting. (I think it was field greens, rotisserie chicken, grilled asparagus, … uhhh…  OH and sliced pear and avocado? I think.) HOWEVER, Mycologie is back with a salad that IS interesting! Hooray!

strawberry arugula chevre salad

Strawberry, Chèvre and Arugula Salad

Clearly, the whole point of “salad” is just an excuse to eat fruit and cheese. Here’s a simple combo for late spring/early summer!

Ingredients: strawberries, chèvre, arugula or other delicate green, lemon zest, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, pecans or similar, basil and/or mint, salt, pepper.

Slice your strawberries and cucumber, crumble up your cheese, and chop your herbs. Place your arugula in a bowl or on a platter then add the sliced cucumbers, strawberries, herbs and crumbled cheese on top. Make a vinaigrette with the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey (roughly three parts oil to one part acid, salt, pepper and honey to taste). Sprinkle pecans over the top and zest the lemon over the salad as well. Add the vinaigrette. Take a photo for Instagram while it’s nicely arranged then mix it to coat everything with the vinaigrette.

Note: If you want the chèvre to remain as intact crumbles, leave it in the refrigerator or even the freezer until the last minute. If you want it to become creamy and integrated into the dressing, take it out of the fridge while you make the salad to let it soften at room temperature.

Asparagus, lightly steamed, or even raw is also nice in this salad, which is lovely as a side for grilled chicken or fish.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Miraculously, I just HAPPEN to have most of these ingredients in my fridge right now, so I know what I’m eating later. But after I finish coloring my hair — which will hopefully be Different and Interesting but also Not A Horrible Dire Mistake. Pls go sacrifice a color brush to the Dye Gods for me. And don’t forget to check out YvetteMyPet‘s Deal of the Day! Which I’m doing regularly, and have already received/tried a little sample duo from Cotarde that she recced! YAY.

Your weekend! WHAT’S HAPPENING? I’m going to fix a vintage tee shirt, redo the tacky embellished hem on a vintage jean skirt (need to be brighter/tackier), have DRANKS, make a salad, maybe watch a movie. (We started the new Lost In Space series and it’s … fine? But not super duper riveting, so suggestions welcome!) <3