Wow I REALLY need the weekend this time, y’all — it’s been a trying couple of days. TRYING. But on the positive front, my skin has been [mostly] pretty well-behaved, I finally got some sewing projects done, AND Thor: Ragnarok hit Netflix so I’ve watched that again already (fine, I watched it twice, but the second time I was only kinda half-assed watching it while I did some work stuff) and omg it’s just delightful.

IN COMPLETELY RELEVANT TO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING news, I was dicking around on Amazon looking for … man I don’t even remember. But their “recommendation” engine (the “people who shopped for ____ also viewed _____” spiel) turned up this thing …

… which I’m pretty certain has approximately zero commonalities with any product I’ve looked at in the last EVER. And yet, now … I kinda want it?  I mean it’s only fourteen dollars, and it’s sort of delightful! Lookit her lil wavy arms!I like how the “backs” of two of her “hands” positioned against her forehead, 1940s cinema distraught-victim-style! “FRANCES, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”

IN FOOD NEWS, I made a sandwich! But not just any sandwich. An EPIC sandwich.

Seared zucchini slices, deli turkey, turkey bacon (if you have Godshall’s brand available, WHOA it’s super good), thin-sliced kosher dills, extra sharp cheddar, and dried Montmorency cherries (holy effing hell I am a genius), on sourdough bread smeared with a little dijon on one interior facing and artichoke tapenade on the other, and butter and a light sprinkling of salt on the exterior, then grilled on a panini press / Foreman / whatever. It was, without question, the best sandwich I’ve ever made, and possibly the best sandwich I’ve ever had. TRY IT SOMETIME.

IN MAKEUP NEWS, I’ve been playing with a few new AOA metallic matte liquid lip things, and I had a idea : What about ombre? Alas, the metallic lip things in my stash didn’t have enough contrast to make for a really cool/startling transition … but what about eyeshadow tho? I figure if I keep the non-lip product to the perimeter, it should work pretty okay and not feel particularly drying or uncomfortable?

Oh WHAAAAAAT. That’s AOA metallic lip stuff in Cosmo applied allllmost to the edges of my lips — and then I busted out my turquoise-blue metallic 3INA cream shadow and applied it along the lipline and blended inward. To my great delight, this was pretty easy, resulted in a fairly smooth and nicely-blended gradient, was not uncomfortable, and wore like a MOFO. I STRONGLY encourage you to try something similar sometime! With the obvious caveat that not all products made for eyes are FDA-approved for lips, and vice-versa. (It’s usually the pigments therein, rather than the other base ingredients, and also worth noting is that many pigments and dyes that the FDA deems “not approved” for lips/eyes ARE approved for those uses in the EU, so. Just do a quick search of the colorants if you’re unsure!)

IN WEEKEND PLANS – SLASH – BEVERAGE news, I was grabbing an iced latte (whole milk, no syrup please) from my local joint (which is in a bookstore downtown and which is named Latte Da and I’m not kidding) and they had this sign standing atop the counter :

CREAMY. STOUT-LIKE. EFFECT. Sign me up for this shit right now. So we’ll probably go investigate this new … coffeenomenon on Sunday, likely with an accompaniment of the house pistachio muffins which taste absolutely nothing like pistachios and are a magnificent “not found in nature” shade of lime green.

THAT’S ALL I GOT. What about yooooouuuuuu? <3