Annnnd MORE Cream Shadows


COME ON, you know I can’t resist this shit. Besides, this whole section is called “ENABLER” so I mean. But today’s batch are suuuuuper cheap! Guilt-free face-paint indulgence! LET’S LOOK.


Three shades of Starry’s Prism cream eyeshadow (same format and packaging as the black one we looked at a while back) (I told you I was gonna end up with more of these guys) plus an e.l.f. No Budge Shadow Stick! Yeah, every once in a while I have to grab a bunch of random stuff from ShopMissA — it’s inexpensive so I feel less bad about adding to my already-substantial hoard, and their house brand is legit good! Anyway, the Starry Prism shadows come in eleven shades : five neutrals (silver, gold, bronze, white, black) and six brights (pink, plum, purple, blue, dark blue, and orange). They are ONE DOLLAR. For real. I liked the black one so much I obv had to try more shades. The e.l.f. shadow stick comes in five colors (all pretty “neutral,” typical of e.l.f.) and is normally $4 but currently marked down to $1.60 on their site, whaaaat. (MissA does carry some stuff from e.l.f., but not the shadow sticks.)


The Prism cream shadows are packaged in small squeeze-tubes, and have a medium-thick feel with a very slightly mousse-like consistency — much like MUFE’s similar product on both counts. These go on beautifully with a finger, and the light and mid-toned colors I’ve got are surprisingly easy to sheer out smoothly (obviously the black one is harder to get a clean gradient with on its own). Of the four I’ve got, the black and the two mid-tones are quite pigmented and relatively easy to build up to opaque in one or two coats; the silver is a good bit more sheer. Which, depending on your needs/preferences, that can be either a pro or a con. Also note that these do stay slightly damp/tacky for a liiiiiittle longer than a lot of other cream shadows — to a degree that I don’t find bothersome at all. Like, Monday’s LOTRT with the geometric paint job in blue? I did not have to stand around for five minutes fanning my eyelids for fear of smearing or transferring it, and I like having it remain clingy long enough for me to layer another shadow or shimmer on top if I feel like it.

Starry Prism cream eyeshadows : Silver, Dark Blue, and Purple

Starry Prism cream eyeshadows : Silver, Dark Blue, and Purple

That’s the Silver, Dark Blue, and Purple, applied over bare skin. The top photo shows them applied with a fingertip and sheered out; for the second photo I smeared on a [partial] second coat. The blue and purple build up REALLY nicely, though the usual cream-shadow caveat applies — you may have to experiment with different application methods to get the effect and density you want. For me, they blend out easily with a medium-density poofy brush or blending brush (and you can add more with a finger or buff on more with a brush without lifting or ruining the first layer); if I want a solid opaque geometric shape with clean lines (as in Monday’s LOTRT), I have an easier time using a small and softer/floppier-than-usual liner brush.

The silver reads as more of a heavy shimmer/glittery effect rather than a traditional “metallic,” and in person it’s definitely more sheer than the blue and purple, and also waaaay more sparkly — the bright hues (and the black) all seem to have a mostly-opaque satin or slightly-metallic base color with a load of tiny silver sparkles. For comparison, here’s the finish and opacity of one finger-smear of the Starry silver (left) versus the same application of NARS Eye Paint in Interstellar :

Depending on the viewing angle and how much you apply, the Starry silver is way more sparse and also reads more “glittery.” Which, that’s fine! I like that! I already have the quite-opaque NARS, so this works well for me.


Ok so they wear pretty well sans creasing without primer, but what about removal? YES, once these bastards are set, they likely WILL require more than your usual face wash to take off. After photographing my swatch arm, I went at them with a squirt of hand soap, as you typically do with arm swatches, and …

“Lol try again dude.” But it’s not a big deal! They mostly come off with a bit of my Thank You Farmer Back To Iceland cleansing water on a cotton pad or tissue, and they definitely come off quick ‘n’ easy with a bit of squalane oil (or, obviously, an actual makeup remover like my beloved MUFE SensEyes). LONGEVITY. I DIG IT.


e.l.f. no budge shadow stick

It’s a pretty standard twist-up eyeshadow stick. The consistency is quite creamy, and it’s VERY easy to blend out to sheer (or build up to opaque) despite its rather dark color (this is “Blue Steel” which is really just “steel” and not at all blue) :

This one’s also got a relatively longish dry-down time, where it stays blendable and slightly tacky for a couple minutes after applying — but it DOES set and doesn’t like, make your eyelids cling together or anything. It’s also STUPID easy to sketch onto your mobile lid, blend up into your crease and beyond, and then add a second layer where you want it darker/more opaque (I left mine mostly kinda sheerish this time) — which is what I did last night :

That’s JUST the e.l.f., no transition shade. This was applied at about 6pm, and then I went to dinner and then to our usual weekly Bar Trivia, during which I spent an hour or two standing around outside in EXTREME heat and absolutely ridiculous humidity, which resulted in this …

… six hours later. And you know what, that’s not too damn bad! Freaking insane gulf south summer weather, my dumb oily sweaty skin, and no primer. Some minor creasing, but it’s largely intact and I’m honestly pretty surprised/pleased with this performance. This one’s definitely gonna be an “ugh I’m uninspired and insufficiently motivated to do elaborate eyemakeup but I need to put on something” go-to product. Plus it’s super cheap, so I wouldn’t mind throwing it into my bag for touchups or whatever, because if I lose it / break it / knock the cap off in my purse and allow it to scribble on everything adjacent before drying out into a sad crumbly twig, it’s not a thirty-dollar tragedy.

THE VERDICT : PRETTY DAMN GOOD. All of these are gonna be staples for me — or as much as screaming bright blue and purple can be considered “staples.” They’re all fairly versatile, easy to use, and the wear is legit Real Good even without primer. And as an added bonus, none of them irritate my stupid hypersensitive eyelid skin! No burning, stinging, no watery eyes, no feeling like my contacts are coated with scuzz. Yay! DO YOU NEED THEM? I mean, obviously, yes — I feel like these are all worth trying, if any of the colors are at all usable for you! The Starry Prism shadows are SOLID performers, especially for the price, and a great inexpensive way to experiment with color (and in a format that’s more versatile/multipurpose than powder shadows generally are). The e.l.f. shadow sticks are easy, portable, and cheap, so they’d also be a great option for a makeup stash that lives in your purse or in a drawer at work.

TRIED ‘EM? Raves or slams? Diiiiiscuss. <3