OOTRT : May 31

HELLO SUMMER. PLEASE GO AWAY SOON. But in the meantime, I’m wearing a breezy linen thing :

That’s the “Casual Linen Tunic” from Boden, which they still have! Tho not in this color/pattern anymore — but I’m kinda considering getting the Dark Sage / Lemons one now too. Yes, I chopped the sleeves off, because I felt the 3/4 length looked a little weird on me with the cut of this dress? Also, if you OMG MUST HAVE one, note that their size conversions run a little big — I’m usually a 12 in dresses, sometimes a 10, and they sent me a UK size 16, which is definitely a little too big … particularly in something with this kinda loose/almost-boxy cut. Anyway, I think I might take it in a bit at the upper bodice / high waist area, and also tighten up the sleeves a little. But otherwise, it’s SO good! Nicely made, side zip, swingy and not-too-voluminous silhouette. It’d be perfect if it were both a little smaller and also had some stretch (EVERYTHING should have stretch) so that it could be a bit more closely tailored and fitted in the top part without feeling constricting or immobilizing my damn arms, sigh.

Sandals are these …

… which I’ve had for like three years and I ADORE them and SO VERY REGRET not buying them in every single color combo they had. :(  So if you run across anything similar, let me knoooooow! And yes, I matched my lipstick (Guerlain Rouge G, I think in “Gigi”?) to the pink, for I am a dork. Also I don’t know what weird frizzy thing my hair is doing there, but I wasn’t overly concerned about it because I was about to subject it to 100000% humidity so screw it, it’s gonna be straight but also weirdly fuzzy in half an hour anyway. PLEASE GO AWAY SOON, SUMMER.

You should tell me about your outfit. Or any fave sandals that might vaguely resemble these and still be available? <3