OOTRT : May 3

IT’S THURSDAY AGAIN, you know what that means : I show off my [complete lack of] fashion.

This week’s ensemble was worn for the very important occasion called “taking a walk to the BF’s place to make a salad and then go play Bar Trivia (we came in third, ugh the humiliation) (BUT the first and second place teams were only 30 points ahead of us, and they had 3-6 people).

This week’s ensemble also represents A MISSION : I am gonna single-handedly bring back 2005, y’all, so glue some pink rhinestones to your cell phone and dig out your old Juicy Tubes. FEATURES : my third-favorite giant kneesocks (from SockDreams.com, of course), a freaking sick KISS shirt with glittery iron-on-style logo, and a miniskirt I made appx thirteen years ago out of a pair of my dad’s elderly Levi’s, a selvage-edge strip of bronze-to-purple silk shantung stuff, and some black ric-rac. Notes : 1) omg I love ric-rac so much. I have some metallic copper and turquoise and why haven’t I used this shit yet? 2) Man I don’t even feel like I’ve been An Actual Adult for thirteen years — how was age appx 33 so damn long ago? Time is horrifying and I think I’m having some kind of existential crisis now.

Anyway, can we make weird homemade jean skirts a thing again? These are so fun to do and super easy, even if you get all fancy with them (I opened up the side seams on this one and added strips of furry leopard-print fabric, too). Whatever, I’m making this a thing. JOIN ME. Or at least tell me about your own recent wearin’s, or your fave wearable handicrafts. <3