OOTRT : May 24

Okay so this week’s ~ENSEMBLE~ is kinda lame, but it ALSO comes with a SOUNDTRACK, so…

Same old favorite bar bathroom setting (hey yo Tongue & Groove wassap), same old favorite jacket (Marrakech), same old second-favorite jeans (J Brand 811 Midrise Skinny), yes a pair of all-black Rockstuds because I’m not 100% immune to trendy shit (tho honestly, black patent mid/low heels with black spikes are something I consider “a timeless classic,” come at me) AND — barely visible — a Bear In Heaven tee. “Who the hell is that, that is a dumb name.” Omg they’re a faaaavorite. I mean, not Sonic Youth/Pixies/Misfits pantheon-level favorite, but definitely a contemporary favorite.

Here’s a weird-ass Joy Division / Memorex / early Atari lookin’ crazybomb :

And here’s one of my absolute FAVES tho it apparently doesn’t have a “real” video? Whatever.

That’s off their latest, which came out FOUR YEARS ago, and there’s no news on their website and omggggg COME ON YOU GUYS. Anyway, GREAT BAND. They’ve only got four full albums, but they’re all 100% excellent play-throughs.

That concludes this Semi-Irrelevant Musical Tangent. Tell me what you’re wearin’! <3