OOTRT : May 17

So we had ONE FINAL DAY where the weather was non-hideous — it was too hot for jeans, but not too hot for a last spin in the favorite boots until fall. That’s why this slightly ridiculous b.s. happened :

Same Old Fave Shorts (Pilcro from Anthropologie, which are unfortunately still not back, booooo), Yet Another Star Wars Tee, and a jacket from Laundry by Shelli Segal that I’d like better if it had stretch. Also it had this weird annoying quilted lining in it that I hacked out so the inside looks kinda effed up but who even cares. I’m not sure why I felt the Cop Glasses were a necessary component of this outfit, but why even is anything ever, where is my beer.

NEXT WEEK : I swear to god I won’t wear these shorts again. It’s now Effing Hot on the regular, so probably you’ll start seeing a procession of fun minidresses, ooooo.

YOUR OUTFIT. Tell me ’bout it. Or just talk me out of buying these blue-lensed aviators. <3