OOTRT : May 10

Today’s post is a two-part exemplar of Why I Hate Summer :

Part The First : Look at that effing hair. This was all sleek and curly like an hour before I took the photo. A few minutes in the Gulf South outdoors tho, and [suction noises like ::schhlooooooooo::] and OH HEY HUMIDITY HOW YOU DOIN’. Curls, 85% gone. Texture, 1000000% more fuzzy. Sigh.

Part The Second : Holy shit look at the color of my LEGS. I am the same color as the underside of a fish. Or a piglet. And I have an unfortunate fondness for white shorts and miniskirts? I hate this but not enough to fake-tan it away, which is an extremely dicey proposition when your natural skintone is basically “strawberry milk.” Also, the lighting in that room (yeah, that was taken in my bar’s bathroom during trivia) is doing me nooooo favors. Sigh.

ANYWAY. I love those shoes and need to wear them more — they’re Rebecca Minkoff, I think? She consistently makes pretty good/cute sandals. The top is kinda uncharacteristic for me, but still fun! I’ve had it for a year or two and this is I think the second time I’ve worn it — it’s a split-neck linen tunic from LandsEnd, which I went to look for (they often keep styles in rotation for maaaaany years) and alas, it’s gone. However! I did see this really cute split-neck linen tunic “cover up” which is really a minidress assuming you’re either okay with a potential bit of sheerness, or are willing to wear a cotton slip/half slip under it :

How fab is that embroidery?! Also it’s on sale for $52.47, which is Not Bad At All. The bad news is that unlike a lot of LE’s stuff, this one doesn’t come in petite sizes, and that hem renders it pretty much unshortenable, alas. However! When I clicked on that dress/cover up, it also showed me this dress/cover up, which is even ADORABLER and does come in petites (and talls and plus sizes!) :

It’s stretchy “swimsuit fabric” rather than linen, which is actually a plus in my book. Also, I adoooore both navy blue and foulard prints, so I might actually pick this one up. (It’s $69.95 right now, but I imagine it’ll go on sale eventually.)

LINEN : yea or nay? LANDSEND : yea or nay? (I’m still mad at them for apologizing for putting Gloria Steinem in their mag.)