Oh My God I Don’t Hate This.


DRY SHAMPOO SUCKS. I’ve tried “cult favorite” Klorane, in its stupid puff-bottle, and it just dusted ineffectual white powder into my hair. I’ve tried a Sally Hershberger dry-shampoo-slash-volumizer, and while it’s great for adding texture and grip to hair that’s too ~sleek~ to accomplish a messy updo, it’s absolute shite as dry shampoo, and just makes your hair feel sludge-ridden and fillllthy. I’ve tried Batiste, and not only did it fail to work well for me, every single one of them has a scent I find absolutely appalling — either “is this the new Britney Spears perfume” or “wait what Jolly Rancher flavor is this” or “store-brand Febreze knock-off” and I can’t cope. BUT THEN! I was in Walgreens to look for Sprees and/or Red Vines DON’T JUDGE ME, and I saw a dry shampoo that was A) from a brand that in my limited experience isn’t terrible, and B) it said “with citrus” on the label and ooooooooh.


It’s Hask Purifying Dry Shampoo! In a “CHARCOAL” variant, which, we know that activated charcoal is very adept at odor and moisture absorption! So that seemed promising. I spritzed a bit into its cap in the store, and holy cow it’s very lemongrass and I am 100% down with that. So I figured HEY it’s worth a shot, right? I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for this, but it’s currently about $8.43 on Amazon, $7.99 at Ulta, and not even on the Walgreens site because of course. I have no idea how long the 6.5oz spray bottle will last, but that price is about the same as Batiste for about the same amount, so it seemed pretty reasonable?


I did not read the ingredients before I purchased this, because it’s not conditioner and it’s not face glop, so who even cares? The back label does assure me that it’s gluten-free, for those with … a topical gluten allergy? Is that even a thing?

INGREDIENTS : Butane, Propane, SD Alcohol 40-B, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Charcoal Powder, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Cyclopentasiloxane, Fragrance/Parfum (Fragancia).

Extremely flammable propellant, extremely flammable propellant (don’t nobody light a match), alcohol (solvent/drying agent), rice starch (used in many/most dry shampoos), grapefruit and lemon oils (YUM), disteardimonium hectorite (a magnesium silicate mineral) is a stabilizer and suspension agent, cyclopentasiloxane is MY NEMESIS and I best not get this shit on my face. :O


First off, okay, “lemon and grapefruit” — but again, this definitely smells like lemongrass to me. It’s a tiiiiny bit sweet, but it has a sharpness and a “dryness” to the scent that keeps it from being overwhelmingly fruity-juicy. Application-wise : in typical dry-shampoo fashion, you spray it heavily on your roots, shaking the can frequently during the process. Also in typical dry-shampoo fashion, it goes on WHITE. I was hoping the addition of charcoal powder would darken it to a deeper/greyer shade? But nope. It’s whiiiiite.

Yeah, it looks like a combination of dandruff and a really unfortunate accident with a can of Rustoleum. I rubbed it around on my scalp to ensure good distribution, and then let it dry on my filthy Day Two+ hair (this was applied on like a Wednesday afternoon, to hair that was last washed on Monday night, and was then subjected to styling, a load of hairspray, and then a VERY hot ‘n’ sweaty 1.25 mile walk in ultra-humid 85-degree weather) for about a minute or so. Once I was pretty sure it was dry (this happens quickly, thanks to the alcohol etc), I brushed it out vigorously with a dense bristle brush, as one does.

A few tiny specks still visible there, but on the whole, the white cast TOTALLY disappeared.


You know what? This shit actually works. My hair definitely, unquestionably feels and looks cleaner and less oily (and less like I got super-gross-sweaty). It does NOT feel gunky or cruddy, or like there’s a load of icky powder stuff in there just forming a nasty paste with skin oils and sweat (yuck, SORRY FOR GROSS MENTAL IMAGE). Does it feel and look exactly like it does when freshly washed and dried? Well, no. But it’s a huge, huuuge improvement with basically no downsides — my hair feels dry and reasonably clean, it doesn’t clump together in chunks as fine hair will often do when it’s dirty, and the scent is both inoffensive and (once the product is dry and brushed out) reasonably faint / non-shouty. One potential issue to mention — the powder that came off on my brush and my fingertips while I was in the removal process? It was lavender-tinted. So this DID pull a bit of color out of my hair, just as “regular” shampoo does. Is that common to all dry shampoo brands everywhere? I don’t know, my dry shampoo experience is not extensive. But it’s worth noting if you too have hair full of deposit-only color or another tint/dye treatment that tends to shed pigment easily during washing … particularly if you planned on using it very frequently in lieu of a full normal shampoo process.

IN CONCLUSION : Hot damn I’m into it. It does its thing well, and makes my Day Two hair not only “not gross” but also … pretty reasonable/workable? It also smells nice, and it isn’t crazy expensive! I’ll definitely keep this guy in stock in my overcrowded bathroom cabinet. I’M A DRY SHAMPOO BELIEVER NOW, Y’ALL.

TRIED IT? DIG IT? Got a favorite I should know about? Tell!