LOTRT : May 7

AHOY, it’s SUMMER, and sometimes you just feel like painting sunbeam-y fake eyelashes on your face.


Okay apparently I’m on a GOLD kick; I don’t know what to tell you about that.

Start with a basic-ass taupe-to-nude matte gradient thinger. I used ColourPop pressed shadows in Hear Me Out and Take The Lead.

THE HARD PART : paint on a bunch of golden spikes or sunrays or whatever. I used NARS Eye Paint in Iskandar, and I was not nearly as precise as I should’ve been. :/

I also kinda connected the gold spike dealios at their base, just below my crease, and scuffed some gold in between them and a bit down onto my lid — this NARS gold is fantaaaastic, but it’s hard to get it to read as super opaque and super crisp sometimes, so I figured “slightly deliberately fuzzed” would help a bit?

I kept the actual liner pretty thin — just a fine above-lash line pulled out into a wing under the last sunray.

Mascara, then cleanup, then hit the lower lid with some taupe and gold. Then decide the rays are still a little Too Very, and go over everything with a light dusting of gold highlighter. Which, I am 100% confident that you have one in your stash that you were hoping would be Low-Key Golden Pearl but ended up being like Whoa This Is A Lot Of Discrete Sparkles And Too Glittery? That’s the one you use for this. I used AOA Studio Wonder Baked highlighter in Cream Puff, which has plenty of shimmer and not a lot of underlying pigment, so it’ll kind of ~diffuse~ things and add shimmer, but not muddy everything up too much.

Since this whole thing was kinda “WOO WOOOOOO,” I kept everything else chill : my usual “nude” blush (Tarte in “Exposed”), same gold highlighter on cheeks, and Lipstick Queen Silver Screen lipstick in “You Kid.”

IDK, I feel like this would be really good for an outdoor summer party — it’s F-U-N, but the colors aren’t too far off of “neutral” so if it started to get melty or sweat-smeared it wouldn’t be a catastrophic mess? Also yes I look weird with no bangs. This is my “I look weird with no bangs” face.

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MAKEUP. Or about how you, too, feel like you look weird with no bangs. <3