LOTRT : May 28

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAYYYY, I was gonna take the day off BUT THEN I got a marginally interesting idea which, to be honest, isn’t all that different from some other stuff I’ve done in the past but whatever, here’s some MAKEUP, WOO.


Yay, another ~graphic~ look. This is super simple — a shimmery light taupe in crease and blended up (not much darker than my skintone), and a lighter shimmery pinky-oyster highlight. Then all over mobile lid and pulled out into a wing, a stronnnng plum-purple shimmery shadow. I used one I just got, which we’ll talk about soonish. THEN, a skinny outer corner flick of black liquid liner, and another skinny line above your purple wing.

THEN, because you’re pretty much bound to get that upper line uneven…concentrate on getting the top of the line level and clean, and then get a matching/similar very sparkly shadow (in my case, the ColourPop Supernova liquid shadow in Moon Lit, which is in the same color family but pinker, brighter, and more glittery than my purple base for extra dimension) on a small precise brush, and neaten up the bottom of  your upper black line. Another swoop of the lighter-sparklier shimmer on lower lid, then mascara (upper lashes only), and that’s iiiiiiit.

OH BUT, check this metallic matte lip color, which we’ll also talk about soon :

UGH, I LOVE IT. Since this whole look ended up being all pinky/purple, I threw on a little purple blush (ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in “Rain”) and highlighter (Anna Sui Rose Cheek in … whatever the pale lilac/lavender colorway is called, it doesn’t even show up super well here anyway) and boom, a makeup look that’s very uncharacteristic of me, but would probably be a big hit with Barbies and/or their owners.

I HOPE YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING FUN TODAY! I’m workinnnng (which actually is pretty fun) and trying to decide exactly how “meh” I feel about Solo : A Star Wars Story, which I saw yesterday. (Leaning toward “very meh indeed, except for Donald Glover who is just A DELIGHT.)