LOTRT : May 21

This week’s look is for anybody who was wondering how that fabulous Looxi duochrome shadow from last week looks in action (spoiler : it looks faaaaaab).


It’s simplicity itself. PRIMER, because you’ll want it here.

On browbone, my usual nude-ish matte (ColourPop pressed shadow in Hear Me Out).

In crease and blended upwards, my usual matte taupe (ColourPop pressed shadow in Take The Lead).

THEN all over lid and blended up into the taupe crease, Looxi’s pressed shadow in Omega, which is a blackened purpley base with purple/green duochrome shimmer effect and omg I love it. Like many shimmers and pearls, this one worked really well with a brush for blending it up and out, but I DID get the best/strongest result patting it onto my mobile lid with a finger for maximum opacity and impact.

Liner is a new cheapo that’s performing damn well so far (we’ll talk about this later…) — a thin line so as to avoid taking real estate away from the GREEEEEEN, and a sharp narrow wing.

Lower lid is just a wide smudge (smut wing) of the matte taupe, topped with more Omega on the outer corner. Easy peasy!

OOOO, that purple flip! <3 For the rest of the look, I kept it pretty chill — just my usual nude-ish blush (Tarte Exposed) and a new matte liquid lip color that’s also in the nude-ish (albeit quite pinky) range :

Plus a couple of big leather cuffs bc why not, and my Very Unconvincing “Angry Badass” face, you’re welcome. Also of note, this shadow wore SUPER well over primer, with little to no creasing apparent after a few hours in fairly warm and humid weather (and on my makeup-destroying oily skin). Yay!

YOUR TURN. Tell me ’bout your makeup! Or your weekend! Or whatever!