LOTRT : May 14

WHO HAD A GOOD WEEKEND? [raises hand] WHO ALSO HAD A SWEATY WEEKEND? [raises hand again] The worst aspect of our six months of unrelentingly awful weather here — aside from making me just generally miserable to be outdoors for more than 20 seconds at a time — is that it jacks up my makeup something awful. I sweat off foundation, I sweat off blush, I sweat off — or at least sweat-ruin — eyeshadow. I’m going to be outside (ew) for more than a few minutes, I tend to go reaaaaal minimal/nude-ish : so this week’s ~LOOK~ is pretty low-key. BUT! It’s also a reminder that colors you buy and end up going “UGH NOPE” over might actually be fantastically usable when layered! (This is a thing I personally tend to forget.)


It’s chill as hell, is what it is. SO, a while back, I picked up a few of the AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadows, right? Deep charcoal “Ash” is fab and one I use frequently. Faintly-lilac silver grey “Gravel” is legit one of my most-used shadows. But peachy-orange “Creamsicle” is one that makes me go “urgh, ugh” as soon as I put it on my skin. I mean, it’s a lovely shade, but on my very pink face it’s just So Not Right. HOWEVER! Dust some of the lavender-grey “Gravel” on top, and LO, a nice buildable shimmery taupe!

PERFECT. So that’s what I did here, all over lid and up through crease :

I also concentrated a bit more of the silver on the inner/lower part of my lids, and dusted a little on browbones too. Since I applied these dry on bare (SWEATY) skin rather than wet or over primer, they’re a nice soft shimmer rather than a screaming metallic. The rest of the eye stuff here is pretty chill — just a standard black wing above, and on lower lid a gradient-smudge of taupe to grey with a little black worked in, which I shall call The Smut Wing :

This look also features a couple of undereye flakes (thanks, Retin-A Micro!) and my WAY TOO LONG BANGS which were completely out of control and which I have since trimmed, you’re welcome. (There’s a new dye job too, which is indeed Slightly More Purple but still not quiiiiite as much so as I was hoping for.)

ANYWAY. The rest of this “whatever, I’m gonna sweat it off anyway” look involved Tarte blush in Exposed, and YSL Glossy Stain in Brun Cachemire, kinda blotted/blended. (I adore those things, but I do find that the really dark/strong colors look better when you don’t try to apply them opaquely.)

And yes I’m already sweaty in this photo, because it was like a whopping 74 degrees in the house and I wasn’t sitting perfectly motionless under a fan. If I overheat this easily now, boy, menopause is just gonna be one big joyride, isn’t it. Really looking forward to that! (So, so fucking not looking forward to it.)

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MAKEUP. Or your weekend! Woo! <3