Good Or Nah : Tatcha Best Sellers!

HOLY BANANAS YAY, KellyBee is back with a FABULOUS SCOOP. Let’s see what she’s got …

This is my favorite beauty-related meme:

Ok, I don’t necessarily think I’m better than everyone (just like… white supremacists and Carrot Top, mostly), but I do think of myself as a golden garbage bag. A dichotomy of fancy and trash. I am NARS foundation and Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick. I am fancy homemade honey lavender ice cream and also hot dogs sliced into mac ‘n’ cheese. Momofuku and Taco Bell. Also, by the sound of these metaphors, I am hungry.

As far as beauty goes, I love a combo of high-end and drugstore. There are certain products I will throw down buco dolores for: while I’m not shelling out for La Mer, I have been known to spring for a good moisturizer and a foundation that matches my pale Greek pneuma life. I think drugstore brands make a lot of great products, and I tend to gravitate towards there for lipstick, blush, and eyeliner. I am a sucker for fancy skincare though, and always use the Sephora sales to try out samples of things I wouldn’t normally treat myself to.

In April, Sephora had one of their rare seasonal sales, where I go “oh boy, 15% off!” and buy a bunch of shit before I realize that 15% is not actually the deal I think it is. But does it ever stop me? NO. This is why I’m VIB. I’m relatively responsible with my money in that I never spend outside my means, which is why I’m not VIB Rouge. ANYHOO, I noticed they had a Tatcha Bestsellers Kit for $60, a taste of the bougie life I simultaneously resent and wish I could indulge in. The kit comes with 4 deluxe samples: the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, the Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, the Water Cream, and the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I had been lusting after 75% of the box (I don’t have any particular feelings for or against face mists) so into the virtual cart it went!

look how fancy!

The samples come in a sturdy box that I will most definitely find a use for, and the samples themselves are sleek and durable. So rarely is sample packaging nice; I’m a sucker for the Tatcha aesthetic and fully plan to repurpose these containers once I run out. Now let’s get to what you came for: the reviews!

LUMINOUS DEWY SKIN MIST ($20-48 depending on size) – As I mentioned above, I was the least enthused for the mist. I don’t use them super regularly, but I do think they make me look fancy. I kept this mist on the side table in my living room, and used it daily between my toner and my face lotion as an added layer of moisture. On days I felt particularly dry, I’d spray after lotion when I felt I needed it. It was… fine! It boasts an ingredients list that includes squalane, glycerin, red algae, silk extract, hyaluronic acid, and royal jelly. It does what it advertises for sure. But it also leaves what feels like a slight film. And it’s almost $50. That’s bananas. It’s hydrating yes, but for that price I feel like it should also be keeping my succulents alive (and their grasp on life is tenuous at best). I will 100% be refilling this with Heritage Rosewater & Glycerin when it’s empty!

THE WATER CREAM ($68/1.7oz) – I love a good gel moisturizer, and this IS a good one! It’s light, hydrating without being greasy, and sort of feels like it turns into water as you spread it onto your face. I’m not wild about the fragrance, even though it’s light. It kind of reminds me of like a melon I wish I wasn’t smelling (not rotten, just think melons are generally a waste of time). I think it’s a really good summertime moisturizer. That said, I think Belif Aqua Bomb is better in price, hydration, and scent. I’m also trying to repair my moisture barrier currently, so I needed to layer this with something a little heavier. But if you have combo/oily skin, this is a great option!

CLASSIC RICE ENZYME POWDER ($65/2.1oz) – I think I was the most excited to try this product out of all of them. This & the Water Cream seem the most Cult Status, and I’m weirdly obsessed with both moisturizers and cleansers so I was PUMPED. Thing is, the CosRx disaster happened between when I ordered this and when I received it in the mail, so I was super terrified to use it. But after a couple weeks when my skin was doing a little better, I felt a little less trepidatious. I’ll admit I had to google how to use it because I fucked up the first time (wet your hands, pour a little of the powder into your palm, & rub till it foams. Then massage in for like 15 seconds before washing off. Do not put the powder in your palm & then add water from the faucet; it will all wash away and you will feel stupid). And it’s pretty fun! I felt like a mad scientist creating the foam, it washed well without being too abrasive or harsh. The container has a small sliding opening to pour out the powder so you’re not likely to overdo it, which I like. Given the state of my skin, this is not going to be a daily product (even though Tatcha says it can be, and I would agree under different circumstances). I think this sample is going to last me a while. Even though the price is steep, a little goes a long way so I might actually pick this up when I run out. The full size would probably last until I die.

PURE ONE STEP CAMELLIA CLEANSING OIL ($15-48 depending on size) – If I bought a full size out of anything, it would be this. I would have guessed it would be the Water Cream or the Enzyme Cleanser, but this was my favorite product! It’s scentless, thick, but emulsifies and rinses off easily. My face feels clean and moisturized. I have felt adrift in a sea of cleansing oils since my beloved Eclos Cleansing Oil was discontinued, and this is the only thing I have liked so far. However, I’m not sure if I want to spend $50 on something that rinses off so quickly. I’ve been known to throw down for a face lotion, but I’ve been using and liking Vanicream’s cheap no-frills lotion lately, which does leave a little extra scratch in the account if I decide I can’t be without this. Or do I find camellia oil for less and just keep refilling this adorable pump bottle?

So there you have it! I’d say it was a success because I was just trying to get a taste of the bougie life. I’m not enamored of all the products so I’m not going to be dropping $140 on new skincare anytime soon. I’m going to keep using these products till they run out because they’re nice, I’m going to consider purchasing one or two, and I’m definitely going to repurpose these containers!

What are your feelings on bougie brands? Is there a product you’re more likely to thrown down for?